Sacrelicious Barbie and Ken mods: Jesus, Mary, Kali


A wonderful thing if you find insulting fundamentalists fun I suppose. Otherwise, kinda tacky.

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Anything based on Barbie is bound to be somewhat tacky. That’s the nature of the beast. Personally, yes I do find insulting fundamentalists fun!


I am offended that nobody is offended. Where is the outrage? Is this not the internet?


Unfortunately it empowers them and helps them to reinforce and spread their worldview. (“Unfortunately” because yes, it surely is fun!)

That Kali/Durga Barbie needs more blood, but is otherwise pretty excellent! And I don’t think Hindus will be offended, they are usually pretty cool with idolatry.


Tie in a mobile app, and you’ve got full-fledged iDoll-atry!


Where’s Barbie’s sis, L Ron Skipper?


Because it’s all been done before and is not longer edgy or original.

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The pair is working on Islam figurines and plans to skip representing Muhammad, as this religion condemns representing the prophet.
from the click through from the article.
So courting controversy just a little bit then, with only a sprinkling of blasphemy.


Skirt of human arms, garland of severed heads, check and check.

…but where’s the lolling tongue? and standing on a head? pfff.

I’m not Hindu and don’t attribute religiosity to Kali so wasn’t insulted by this but it does strike me as apt that the Ultimate Representation of Absolute Destruction would be represented using a Barbie doll.

Kali is, for want of a better expression, my favorite memeplex, as evidenced by the Yantra that my avatar is but the furore surrounding the doll reminds me that there are masses of humorless people who IMO can’t help but grab the wrong end of the stickless stick.

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I’d give that appellation to Lord Shiva, the Destroyer. Kali is the Devourer, who in her aspect as Time stands over Shiva (literally). But in some branches of Hinduism they are basically masculine and feminine aspects of the same principles, despite Shiva’s ash-whiteness and Kali’s night-blackness.

Who am I kidding. I don’t hardly know jack about Hinduism. It’s a vast subject.


Vast and interpreted in many ways; one of my favorite stories about Kali is her surprise when Shiva asks ‘her’ to present herself in her most ecstatic, violent form, his favorite.

Kali is often represented standing on Shiva’s chest, he has placed himself underfoot of Kali’s reality shattering victory/war dance in an effort to save it all from shaking apart.

Kali is before even destruction, to my ‘understanding’; the impossible chaos from which the destruction that is transformation-through-time arises. Shiva places himself underfoot in an effort to calm Kali’s dance, which nobody, not even the God of Destruction, wants.


Now I’m imaging the final scenes of Ghostbusters featuring Kali Barbie instead of the Stay-Puft Man

(I know, I know, not Sumerian)

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i need to add “Sacrelicious” to my dictionary


Hi, Im a fundamentalist.

Cue some beheadings and there you are, racing to fulfill orders while disappearing from public view.

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