Sad, weird "sheet of paper waist challenge" in China


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This seems super-easy to game (by using A3 paper, or holding it closer to the camera).

How are we supposed to know how thinspiring people really are?


Nice to see that “body dysmorphic disorder” is alive and well.


So perhaps the continued use of 8.5" wide paper in the US instead of Narrower A4 explains our epidemic of obesity? (just joking)


Another fine American cultural export: anorexia.

Sad indeed.


Shoop!!! Pixels!!!


“Ally oop, baby, shoop, there it is and now I gotcha
Three pixels left, it’s just enuff for me to shock ya
Now check it, how I flip the RGB…”


I just stuck a post-it over the lens of the camera and now I can eat whatever I want.


I know your typical Asian is smaller than we are here in Murica, but… ew. Skin and bones? I’m all about the bass.


Wait, how does America figure into this? We didn’t invent neurosis, you know.


I got this, no problem. I’ll just grab an A0 sheet off the press.


Well, sure, but this particular type of neurosis has been an American specialty over the past few decades. Point taken, though. Loopy behavior is seldom culturally appropriated.


I’m not sure I could hide behind either dimension of 11x17 sheet of paper.


Depends on the units. If it is feet, it could work well.


I’m all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no herring…


BoingBoing has taught me that a person’s sexual preferences are determined at birth and are nothing to be ashamed of. Unless of course you’re male and prefer slim women.


Just out of curiosity, what sort of waist circumference would this work out to? Plainly more than 16 inches and less than 25 ≈ 8π (or 8τ/2), so maybe about 20 around? I don’t really know the eccentricity of a typical waist, and wonder just how unhealthy it might be.

Wait, does it count as astroturf if you’re promoting a book that you haven’t written yet?


It’s research!


Everybody knows that the acceptable standard for waist measurement is whether somebody can wrap their fingers around one’s waist.


[Citation needed]