Trump "Obese"


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Oh. I guess that’s why he’d make a bad president.


Not “obese.”



“Tall, not only vertically, but horizontally as well.”


Still actively rooting for him to stroke out, over here.


To be fair, you don’t have to be that far over the BMI scale to fall into that category.

But hey he is a horrible person, so fat shame away.

As for hiding stuff, this is Trumps doctor. I am sure he is hopped up on all sorts of herbal remedies and custom cocktails of vigor potions.

Hell Hitler’s doctor almost killed him. So, take that for what it’s worth.


Yeah- he’s 6’2" and 267lbs, that’s a BMI of 34.3
BMI is a fairly blunt tool, though, given the information he’s (not) released, it’s pretty much the best we’ve got.
That score is squarely in the middle of Obese- halfway between “Overweight” and “Morbidly Obese”.
For whatever that’s worth.


America awaits the answ-


Is it fat shaming?
I mean, it’s a statement of medical fact, not a judgement. He is, by medical definition, Obese. Of course, many pro athletes are medically obese via their BMI scores, so it’s possible he’s a fit bundle of muscle under all that cheeto color.


And bursting with beta-carotene.


could happen


Can we please not do this?


All the fuss about presidential health gives off this unpleasant vibe of slightly fascist cult of physical vigor(and no, I’m not just Poe-ing this one; practically any of the enthusiastic nationalists of the 20th century spent some time obsessing about developing the manly virtue of the nation so they could use it as cannon fodder; hence things like Scouting and the Olypmics).

Yes, you really want to avoid having a president lapse into an ambiguously-valid state, since the rules for handling a living-but-impaired president are a bit fuzzy and having someone Alzheimer’s their way through the last two years of their administration isn’t a good idea; but if the president keels over; that’s what the VP is for. Last I checked, we have rules for handling 18(currently 17, since the current Secretary of the Interior was born in Britain, and isn’t eligible) dead presidents in a row. Not a serious problem.


6 ft 2? At 70? He must have been 6 ft 3 or more in his 20s. No shrinkage there. Didn’t know he was a tall guy. Perhaps the tallest in New York.


What, ridicule the NYT for pedantically insisting on the fact that Trump is “obese” while every other second thing it publishes is larded with smarmy euphemism?


Just wait until he boasts about the reason why he is that heavy is because all of that excess weight is in his penis


I would normally agree that this sort of thing is irrelevant and in problematic taste; but if Mr. Trump wants to make physical condition an issue, which he does, if these lines from his speeches are anything to go by; it seems appropriate to hold him to the standard he himself advanced.

“Importantly, she also lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS.”

“To defeat crime and radical Islamic terrorism in our country, to win trade in our country, you need tremendous physical and mental strength and stamina. Hillary Clinton doesn’t have that strength and stamina.”

Bringing the matter up, unprompted, would be a different story; but if he wants to play ‘who’s tough enough to be president?’, the fact that he is a pudgy, decrepit, old guy seems like a relevant detail.


That’s a robust and forthright critique there, from boingboing “blogger”, Rob Beschizza


NYT: Trump “Obese”

tRump, it’s what’s for dinner.

PS. the other white meat…


I know; given the few facts that we do know about Trumps health, it’s a viable possibility. Advancing age, poor diet, limited physical exercise, not getting enough sleep, and a high level of stress; it all sounds like a perfect recipe for detrimental cardiac problems.

Agreed there; AFAIK, the BMI has only been significantly updated once since it was first introduced by Adolphe Quetelet, in the 1800’s.

Which is to say that I have strong doubts about its accuracy.

No ‘fat shaming’, here, boo; my deep dislike of the person in question has nothing to do with his less than appealing physical appearance, and everything to do with the dire threat his ideology poses to anyone who isn’t obscenely rich and white.

Info like this is merely more fodder in my focus of wishing grievous ill upon him.


The point of the article’s really about the mealy-mouthed weaselyness of the Times, not fat-shaming Trump.