Safe Patient Project: searchable spreadsheet tells Californians whether their doc is on probation, and why

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So, again, in essence, it’s a small number of doctors/teachers/lawyers/etc that are actually corrupt and negligent and terrible people, but the systems are designed to shield them and make the not-terrible members pay (literally) for their mistakes.


I’m looking up my GP that just tried to put me on Hypertension drugs, 117/70 was the reading.

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I think that the problem is that these systems are designed so that a one-off error or mistake doesn’t screw up their entire life. Which is fair enough, both society and the individual have a lot of time and effort invested in these people and a lingering accusation could mean that they never work again even if the problem was truly a one time event. However, as you say, they seem to be doing a really bad job of tracking and outing repeat offenders.


State medical boards are, as you say, both "part independent regulator, part industry association. They are also, unfortunately, highly political. Corporate medicine has many ways to protect it’s physicians. Much never makes it to the medical boards.

It would be interesting to know how many of the listed physicians practice independently rather than with a large medical organization. Independent physicians are very vulnerable to the political machinations of state medical boards.

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