Saga Volume Three: weird all the things!


“What’s Alana doing? Is she…praying?”

3 big lols for the writing.

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I’m going to disagree with you here Cory. There is a while lot of weird going on but the thing that is truly awesome is how its foundation lies in the mundane. Everything has an edge of weird but at the same time the characters are doing things that are instantly recognizable and relatable.

As a lover of comics (especially the french scene), I think Saga belongs up there with the best. Some friends and I were actually taunting each other about who got this last volume first.

I have to disagree. I found volume 3 to be the least illuminating so far. I am still totally in on this series but if the next collection doesn’t actually go somewhere, I’m out. I love that you guys talk comics, never stop!!

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