Salma Hayek teaches some Mexican slang


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You had me at Salma Hayek. drools

And no, I have no idea why here in the US, Cinco de Mayo is a serious drinking day. I remember small celebrations as a kid in my mostly Mexican neighborhood in Phoenix, but have no idea when white people (and that includes me as a demographic) decided it was a thing. It’s recent, and I missed the memo.


I think I remember it was a thing as much as 30 years ago. It’s an excuse to drink. And eat Mexican food, which is quite popular in California. And drink. I’m not crazy about Mexican food, but did I mention the drinking? And maybe to look at Salma Hayek videos.


Certainly during my late 80s/early 90s college time it had become Mexican Themed St. Patricks day in the US.


I hope “fuck your wall” catches on in English. I don’t even care what it means.


Every day is a day to look at Salma Hayek videos.


Heh, maybe it was regional. I spent the 80’s in Phoenix and the 90’s in Michigan. I was aware of it, but the extent it is now didn’t seem like a thing until the 2000s (when I moved to DC).

Whatever, I’ll be at the Irish bar that day. Margaritas for for St. Pats.

Now I just need to figure out when to celebrate New Years at an empty bar.


PS. Jason, it’s Salma, not Selma.


Thx. We will fix.


This is one of my favorite commercials.


And we did!


My personal favorite from the San Diego Latino community: Cabeza no es buena It means somebody is drunk / crazy / stupido / or all of the above. It’s literal meaning is Head No Good.


Referencing the digestive track running thru the head of a shrimp, I enjoyed “camarone” as shit head in Baja.


“The ‘S’ word?” Really? She’s saying these salacious things in Mexican Spanish, and she can’t say shit in English? This is like a whole new dimension of meta-code-switching. I call for an inquiry!


I second the call!


I’m with ya, just make sure it’s a long time before last call!


Frida is pretty good.


One night I was walking home and I ran into a middle aged hispanic man with a freely bleeding head wound who kept saying this to me (and I think something about a high school). Suddenly that encounter makes a little more sense.


Salma - full stop



the lady was on graham norton show which inspires one to say she probably caught the same bus as princess layer hic