Salmon oil for my dog's coat

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You don’t say?



This dog does not need to smell any worse thank you very much.

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Heh. “Zuul.”

Love it.

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My brother had a similar problem. Dog had dry flakey skin. Couldn’t find any of the various oils recommended as a food additive that would work.

They settled of safflower oil. Because its cheap. But the trick is you put it on the dog not in the dog. Once they started giving him an rub down with whatever oil was on hand after a bath the problem was resolved.

When I lived in the northwest and took my pup on river surveys, there are few things he loved more than rolling in a dead salmon on the riverbank.

Thank god for pickup trucks.

Just FYI folks, most dog diets contain sufficient levels of FA’s, so if your dog is flakey, has irritated skin etc… there may be something else going on, maybe something that’s annoying, but still probably a subclinical medical issue. There are tons of allergies (both food and inhaled) that can affect dog skin, so if you’re noting anything weird that seems “above average” with your dog’s skin, it’s probably worth bringing up with your vet (who, depending on severity, may just suggest a FA supplement…)[they do have some minor anti-inflammatory activity as well…]

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I buy the generic non-smelly fish oil they sell at the supermarket. It’s $20 for a huge container that lasts a few months, and just put a pill on top of the dog food. He eats it right up, and usually there’s only a smelly fish burp or two right after the meal.

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