Salvation: second season of the TV drama about an impending asteroid collision

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I don’t understand all of the hype about this show putting science front and center. Basic restrictions like the speed of light were completely ignored throughout the series. I understand that to keep a plot moving with in the time constraints of a television format that you sometimes need to bend the rules – hell, The Expanse glosses over the time it takes to get from point A to point B when the interesting bits take place. But at least they don’t portray instant communication between Earth and unmanned probes near Jupiter to be instantaneous. There are all sorts of ways to use such delays as dramatic devices. I enjoyed the first series on the whole, but the bad science was jarring and came across as if they didn’t care. So again, why the hype about this show “putting science front and center”?


this is a show that somebody should re-edit into a better movie. boil down the 1o episodes into a more coherent story. and along the way fix the stupid out of it.


Obligatory link to Mark Frauenfelder’s review of the novel The Last Policeman from 2012. A very enjoyable read, too!


couldnt agree more; besides from the other very bad science like the instantaneous communication through the solar-system without any delay, as soon as they introduced a fully functionial EM-drive, the show lost any scientific credibility. It would have been better if they had come up with something else, even completly fictional, instead of a hypothetical concept from the “real” world, which has turned out a good while ago to be the wishful thinking of a crank. we know a EM-drive cant work. its not a “bad” show, but it isnt really a good one, either, with lots of unimaginative close-up-talking-head-shots.


I too had a bunch of record-scratch moments. I’m fine with Star Trek-type hand-waving, but if you set up the game as “hard SF” then that’s the rules you need to play by. Still, I did stream the whole first series so I guess I liked it.


So far the “salvation” in the story is the rascally Ayn Rand billionaire guy saving everybody.



Does it have a head of state proposing to build a space wall to keep the asteroid out?


And make the asteroid pay for it.


Didn’t the asteroid hit in season one?!!!

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I wish it had.

Having watched the entire first season, and survived the resultant attack of bad acting-induced TV destroying hysteria, I can say with the authority of a lifetime scfi fan THIS SHOW SUCKS THE BEAR.

Don’t hurt yourself by viewing this dreck. Arthur C. Clarke is turning in his grave.

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I’m hooked on the sci-fi aspect ONLY. The writing, acting and actual science are terrible. And if it further devolves into soap opera, it’ll be easy to quit.

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it does; saw the new episode out of curiousity, just to see if my memory was accurate in the evaluation of badness vs godness. it wasnt. its worse and I have to correct my opinion: it is a bad show and I have no idea whatsoever, why mark f. and phil plait are promoting this nonsense, especially in the terms of “science” in the show; there is none, its just a soap with sciency-sounding BS.

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That was

a much better show that should have been renewed.

(downloads first episode to refresh memory, is unable to watch more than about five minutes)

Now I remember, this was the series where the “scientists, grad students, and government agencies do not behave in this way” stupidity of the opening scenes caused me to bail before the end of the first act. I am glad to see that I did not miss anything by passing on the show based on those awful first five minutes.

That reminds me, I meant to check out the sequels to that novel (Countdown City and World of Trouble). Anyone read them yet?

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