'Mars' Season 2 is a perfect blend of fiction and science-based documentary


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I found Season 1 to be deeply disappointing, almost all of the problems they encountered should have been planed for or never happened in the first place.

Who designed the infrastructure for this base? Why does adding a new power source require that all previous power sources be disconnected first? You might think that colony designed to be expanded over time might have a plan to expand their critical infrastructure in a fault tolerant way.

Who picked these people? Why are they sending people with clearly severe emotional issues to be isolated on a distant planet? Why is the psychologist who’s sole job is to watch for and mitigate these issues completely oblivious to a person who has just suffered a severe change in mood? And why do external doors open so easily?

It feels like no one planed for anything to go wrong, or maybe that the writers were lazy and wanted to meet their disaster quota and didn’t want common sense to get in their way.

But I did like the SpaceX advertainment bits.


The rule of drama did, a balanced and healthy crew makes for exceedingly boring television.


TIL Nat Geo made a series about Mars. I feel a binge coming on.


I can barely hear what anyone is saying because of the jab-ass music!


You just described why I absolutely loathe Danny Boyle’s godawful movie Sunshine. And to think that some ignoramuses back then compared it to 2001 A Space Odyssey … (shiver)

In NatGeo’s favor, they probably won’t arbitrarily throw a Hellraiser character into their series.


See: All real life US space missions from Mercury to Space Shuttle.

Counterpoint: All real life Soviet space missions. Where the possibility of being eaten by wolves or being liquified upon landing were tangible threats.


I watched season 2 premier. Very confusing between North Sea and mars. Probably will not watch again.


That is kind-of what I was implying. =)

The series fell flat as both documentary and as futurism. It was like a very poorly written attempt at a “The Expanse” prequel that they could claim should run on a documentary channel.


I’m still angry at that movie. The first part of it was intriguing. Then it meandered a bit but I’m still hanging with it. And then… the fucking sun monster. WTF??


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