Samsung buys Boxee

Leo Kellon for the BBC: “The South Korean electronics giant said it had “acquired key talent and assets” from the company.” READ THE REST

Apparently they are a set top box maker. Who knew!?

Well, at least Samsung could buy virtually anybody and not reduce their in-house software design/UI talent…

I used boxee for at least 2 years when it was open source: It was the best implementation of XBMC for Mac: easy to use, stable and had a great interface. I even installed it on ubuntu and used it a lot there too

Boxee decided to end the open source nature of the software and concentrate in a hardware offering, leaving its users behind.

The story repeats itself with the Samsung acquisition: let’s hope their current customers wont be left behind as well

This is their new spokesperson maybe?

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Well, the ‘Boxee cloud DVR’ thing that they were offering has already been given the chop, so they are off to a good start on not leaving customers behind…

Same here! It was so sad when long-time users rolling their own boxes got the shaft! You’d think they’d at least see the value of the community’s loyalty and at least have some support, but they more or less just flipped the switch.

I’ve been using Boxee since it was in alpha, as it was the slickest and most user friendly way to get video & audio off a file server & on to my TV.
I waited for the Boxee Box, bought one & loved it. Bought one for my parents… THEY love it.
Then the stupid BoxeeTV & cloud-based model came out and they promptly killed the Box.

I suppose what I’m saying is that Samsung really couldn’t do too much worse, could they?

Thank God.

I have a Boxee Box, and pretty much they rolled out their “new hardware” and pretended like we don’t exist anymore. There’s no updates. Nothing. The team kept saying “Oh, we’re working on it”, but never delivering. All the while, they kept adding new stuff to their “new box” and selling their cloud DVR.

If Samsung is smart, they fire the whole lot of them and roll the stuff into some TV update.

On the other hand, have you seen how uncooperative the Box gets when it can’t reach * ?
It makes identifying new local media difficult - even though it scrapes IMDB, etc, for info, there’s still some dependency on the mothership, so it just gives up.

I can do without updates (hell, I’m used to that now) - so fire away, just keep the servers running.

Indeed: taking offline the working beta that they had was the wrong way of doing things. The new beta offering was less than stellar. It seems to had been a tough compromise, I think that it had many links to the new hardware that just didn’t work anywhere else.

In the end I personally felt cheated because they took offline what it was supposed to be open source software ( or so I thought)

It does sound like what they did to the users of the beta software

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