Samsung faked a smartphone portrait with a stock photo taken with a DSLR


The elephant in this room is that no matter what Samsung can do to blur the background, a portrait taken with a phone will always give you a big pointy nose, because of the wide angle lens. DSLR portrait lenses are usually short telephoto lenses, to minimize this effect.


The whole situation is a bit of a reminder that the software doesn’t quite pull the trick off. Details are awry in subtle but evident ways, especially perspective and fine details on the edges (like hair). They all look like someone, with reasonable but not quite expert care, marqueed out the head in photoshop and lens-blurred the background.


Maybe some people have flat noses and faces that could use some perspective distortion? :smiley:


This is Samsung software. If their handling of Android is anything to go by the mutilation will extend well beyond the details and emphasize the ‘evident’ more than the ‘subtle’.



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