Samsung: watch what you say in front of our TVs, they're sending your words to third parties

We are supposed to believe that the camera and microphone are completely under our control. The EULA does not clearly state that this is the case, therefore we must assume that it is not. We must assume that at any time, the microphone and remote are active, and under the control of someone else. If not Samsung, then one of those third parties. Perhaps even fourth and fifth parties will have control. Those parties are not party to the agreement.


The subject line offers advice, and the brief linkblurb seems like a reasonable summary.

Does voice need a wide range? Nevertheless, thats ok, the SMT cameras are here, or on their way.

Speaking of which: what do you all think about ‘gesture control’? ( hint: it means there has to be a camera attached )

Well, my friend, confession time; hardware hates me. I cant even soldier.

If I cant fix it by typing I move move it on down the line.

Oh, I know what they think. I’m asking about you.

As I recall, LG televisions were similarly chatty about their users’ habits. As computers are replaced with appliances, the sloppiness of those who program and design them will haunt us for a long time to come.

In theory, I like appliances. I like that I don’t have to waste a loud, power hungry computer on such a simple and mindless task as showing me a video stream. I like that the “anti piracy” features aren’t crippling my computers and preventing good programming practices. But it took a while for Operating System vendors to learn about security and stability-- how long will it take for appliance vendors to learn these same lessons?



I haven’t owned a TV for over 5 years.

And not in the market, neither.


Bloody Samsung distributing my photo again!


To be parsed by some speech controller? No, I was joking. It’s just that there are lots of crappi mics out there now.

[quote=“TrollsOpinion, post:23, topic:51500”]what do you all think about ‘gesture control’? ( hint: it means there has to be a camera attached )

I’ve been enjoying gesture control for about 15 years. Cameras are one way to go about it, but other sensors work also, such as sonar, infrared, pressure - practically anything. I prefer electromyography - using my muscle impulses directly for gestural control.

The difference is that I just do this myself at home, and I don’t send the data out to others who I neither know nor trust.

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Nice, I commend you on your life choices.


That was mean. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thank you for fuelling my paranoia. :cold_sweat:

But our Smart TV has sockets for “optional extra” video camera and microphone, so I suspect they weren’t quite cheap enough back then to make it worth Samsung’s while to add on the sly.

I hope … :fearful:

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This does not mean we are now friends.

But, surely, as others have said, this type of corporate EULA-enforced permission to phone-home is an abhorrent way to coerce people to trade their liberties (and privacy amoung them) for convenience.

And whether bb or alexjones or charlescjohnson or mattdrudge or rachaelmaddow breaks/covers this story is a different matter.

When I evaluate breaking stories, I look to the facts.

When I evaluate sources for breaking stories, I care more about overall on-base percentage than I do for the occasional grand slam.

tl:dr stopped watch is right twice a day, and all that.


Combine that with a direct-to-brain interface and you’ve got an awesome system that will allow you to control just about anything in the house, merely using brainwaves and the signals to your muscles as a controller. OK, the range is limited but there are hacks to improve it.


Methinks thou doth protest too much. But that’s ok. I’m of the ideologically motivated kind.

i.e. I’m not here for looking for friends.

Now, if one were wishing to coerce a population into accepting easy decisions, a poorly educated, over worked population that craves whatever comfort they can find in life would be ideal, no?

This takes us back to my original line of questioning. Had the story come to you by way of, would you have “look[ed] to the facts?”

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Ah, so Alex Jones is a right wing conspiracy nut’s website? That would explain the anti-vax video …

Sometimes specifically US cultural references pass me by … :innocent:


So, you’re saying we need to overthrow those that mass-produce opiates designed to keep the worker population comforted?

Hello, Comrade!

Surely, when I see something that tingles my confirmation bias, I look for collateral sources.

In my line of work, I find it more valuable to set news alerts for opposition news sources, as they are more vigilant to tell me about new happenings (most are false alarms, but the few that are not are worth the lost bandwidth).


Well, this does not mean we are friends now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very honest of you.

You have piqued my interest. But we should take that to another thread.

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Yes, I’ve got an OpenEEG for that. But I’ve got to build new electrodes for it.


You can use this to ur advantage u know. Just keep saying out loud “this show sucks” during I assume Big BAng Theory “Seeing Jeb Bush’s face makes me want to KILL, MAIME, DESTROY” during elections

[quote=“art_carnage, post:9, topic:51500, full:true”]What? Did you think there were elves living in the TV, doing the voice recognition?[/quote]Personally? I would assume there was a mini-computer in the TV doing the voice recognition. Sending voice data over the internet for decoding and waiting for the commands to come back is unnecessary, adds extra latency (as well as dependance on the network being online), and leads to security issues. So, basically, why the FUCK are they doing it this way!?

Well, this is why I have taped over the microphone and webcam on my laptop, and why I refuse to have a Kinect hooked up to my XBox. (I only have trust issues because at every turn corporations have proven they’re completely untrustworthy…)

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