Samsung: watch what you say in front of our TVs, they're sending your words to third parties

I’ll email people sitting next to me. I sure as fuck don’t want to talk to machines.


Is your point that the editors and readers of Boing Boing are disinclined to take Alex Jones seriously? If that’s your point, then point granted. But if your point is that there’s anything irrational about that opinion, lets just say that I disagree with you. He’s a fear monger with absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand, and you summed up his usual tactics when you spoke in his voice with “In Communist America, TV watches YOU!”

And on a sidenote, I wish every troll would identify themselves in their usernames, as you so politely have done.


That’s cool Daneel, different strokes.



Thank you, and in many cases I would agree.

A little background: I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, close to Alex Jones but I am a Texan and I have met the man and a good number of his fellow travelers. My impression of him is that he is not playing a character, what you are seeing is real. Misguided or otherwise this goes a long way with me- I have some respect for him.

Now, while he claims a high degree of accuracy in his reporting, my main critique of him ( and his organization ) is that a lot of of very nefarious sounding things he reports on are actually quite benign. Specific examples escape me at the moment. But suffice it to say that I see very similar techniques in play on BoingBoing, for instance.

Yes, but aren’t we all? As I just stated above, BoingBoing engages in exactly the same type of fear mongering.

And here we all are.

Actually this is an old internet meme that I cooped.

Funny that you would attribute it to Alex Jones, of all people.

Thank you, again. I find that if I identify myself as such, ahead of time, it saves us all a lot of time.

However, unlike many of my colleagues, I will not harass, threaten, or dox you.

I’m a ‘nice’ Troll. I just want to talk.


My Ipad needs an internet connection to transcribe my voice. My Mac, however, requires only that I download at least several hundred megabytes of libraries. to used the “enhanced” voice recognition routines. Although “enhanced” can transcribe more than thirty seconds of speech, it is actually less accurate than the unenhanced, do it on a remote server, version.

I’m not surprised that Samsung is doing it remotely, though it’s hardly ideal from a privacy perpective.

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The problem I see is that if it becomes common enough, the NSA will find a way to tap it.


Anti-vaccination? First thing I saw when I followed your link …

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Gimme gimme gimme

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There is an opensource speech-recog system for Raspberry Pi, called “Jasper”. Offers several possible speech recog and synth options.

Some of the options are cloud-based, some are local. The site has good description of the options. I guess youtube will also have good demos of their functions, if you want to hear for yourself.

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Plasticine or playdough is more effective over mics than tape.


He appeared on Andrew Neil’s ‘Daily Politics’ here in the UK too.
Well worth a watch on YouTube.

Sounds like a good ol Texas crush. But its still not exactly relevant to the topic at hand…

Um, no. There’s a big gaping difference between pointing out things we should be rationally afraid of, as BoingBoing does, and playing to people’s base irrational fears to gain an audience, as Alex Jones does.

For example, in this article BoingBoing has merely pointed out a potential avenue for abuse, in Samsung’s own words no less. Alex Jones, on the other hand, would have extrapolated that its part of some “new world order” spearheaded by “Obama” and “bankers” and god knows what else, with the ultimate goal of taking all our guns, so everyone should probably sit tight and await further instructions.


Finally, a reason to get a TV.

“Another seamless episode. Thank you, Mr. Petersen!”


Thanks Samsung! I’m in the market for a TV, had decided on a Samsung smart TV. Now I’m in the market for a dumb TV, probably not Samsung.

Not to go all paranoid I wonder if the Samsug refrigerator is listening to me…

Saved me at least $100!

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To say this is unacceptable is an understatement. It’s a vicious invasion of privacy. Worse than a peeping tom.

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I disagree that fear is ever rational or useful. What helps is for people to recognize risks so that they can make sound decisions.

But their TVs are curved. CURVED, DAMMIT!

You can have both. Raspberry Pi orBanana Pi or Beaglebone or whatever, with a smart-TV/media-center software. Possibly even with voice control. HDMI output connected to the TV, which is used as one big dumb monitor, without connection to the network.

And you’re set and spyware in firmware be damned.

The alternative is going a guinea pig, setting up full communication logging from the TV’s IP on your firewall, and then later analyzing and publishing the results.


I still don’t get the appeal of curved TVs.


My children and I text each other, sometimes even if we’re in the same room or only a room away from each other.