Samsung's creepy smartwatch stalker


He’d need to be wearing Bod body wash to make him truly perfect.

I really like the new Apple Xmas ad, just as I like a lot of their other very “humanist” technology ads from the past year or two. But Samsung, ugh. So weird. Nokia has an awful one up as well, some sketchy dude at a barber shop with nasty fingernails. Not joking:

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The way I read that commercial is that she’s pretty much decided he’s going to get lucky right after he asks for her number (15 seconds after saying hello), and the rest of the day is just flirting with a guy who seems overly obsessed with his Dick Tracy watch. He must have just gotten it, he’s like a little boy with a new toy.

Also, who takes off their skis on the chairlift?


Creepiness aside, the first thing I thought was, “so they’re telling women this gender-neutral piece of tech isn’t for them? Bye bye half your potential sales, Samsung.”

Unless there’s an ad out there with a creepy stalker woman who has a watch phone. But somehow I doubt it.

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(swiping through picture of his cute ass after picture of his cute ass and comparing to the current rear view), “I didn’t recognize you until you bent over to pick up your phone.” Tee hee hee.

Given that there are still people who think that

is some kind of sweet love-song, Samsung may not bomb as badly as they deserve with this one.

(Now, the watch itself will do all the bombing necessary to any suckers who buy it, if return rate figures are to be believed)

If I’ve learned nothing from pop culture- and even observing other people dating- it’s this: whether or not you’re “Creepy” or a “stalker” is entirely dependent on if she finds you attractive.


SNL beat you to it

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Gonna go take some Dammitol. Been waiting for my Dick Tracey wrist watch since I was a tyke, and this is all we get? Bummaire. Guess I’ll go back to waiting for time and events to overcome this pos Galaxy S3…

The sketch was almost too true to be funny, lol. But the ad? The ‘stalker’ thing is wayyyy overblown. No woman gives her real number to a guy unless she wants to hear from him. And anybody with a ringtone loud enough to be heard in a club needs to be mugged anyway - if only to take the phone and smash it promptly.

The real creeps are the guys who will run around at public events or private parties, snap your pic without your permission, then post on FB without your permission. They’re even worse than stalkers- because at least stalkers usually keep their pix to themselves…usually.

Geek porn. Dialog is just as bad. Sigh.


From my youth.


I simply can’t imagine a woman responding as the woman in the ad does. The guy starts breaking basic social rules by asking for her phone number, cold, when she’s trapped in a confined space. Pepper-spraying him in the face is a more likely response than actually giving him her number. And it just gets worse from there.

Secondarily, the watch simply does a lot of things that a smartphone does, but is smaller, so it doesn’t make sense that someone would be impressed by this watch over and over.

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Apparently, losers…

I’m not going to pepper spray someone sitting next to me on the chairlift, but assuming I was intrigued (or flustered) enough to give the guy my phone number, when he came up to me later with a phone full of pictures of me, I’d have run like hell. The whole ad is like a Playboy fantasy from the 60s, but with updated technology. Gotta love how it concludes by impressing her by being pretentious about expensive wine. Oh, yeah, baby!

My husband has a smart watch, and I like the way he can see a text message with a glance, see who is calling and silence his phone by touching the watch, and so on. I won’t buy one until they get much, much smaller, because it’s simply too big for my dainty wrist. I can’t stand a big watch. Maybe they figured no woman would ever buy one, so they didn’t test the ad with women at all—but did they only test it with men who are jerks?

…women love it when creepy strangers follow them and secretly take lots of pictures of them.

IMO that’s laying it on a bit thick, but damn, this shitty ad is one of the cheesiest things I’ve ever seen.

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