San Diego mayor invokes George Costanza defense for sexual misconduct

So, the Mayor’s excuse is that he wasn’t properly trained… if he had only known is was against the rules to grope/grab/harass his female employees, then it would never have happened.

Sounds an awful lot like one George Costanza

I teach part time and have always explained what I call the Constanza Rule when going over my syllabus… “Just because it doesn’t say you can’t jump on your desk and fling feces because you get a bad grade…”

Plus, you always know when someone has used the Constanza defense when you see the annual changes to your HR manual… I remember once they were reviewing the new changes and the HR drone told us to flip to page such-and-such and go to line so-and-so, under the section of “No gambling allowed” to read the addition of “IE no shooting dice in the parking lot”… so, from that it was obvious what someone had been caught doing that year and how they excused their behavior…

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when successful, this is known as Dave Chappelle’s “Chip Defense” [at 8.42, since the timestamp i bothered adding got stripped out :frowning: ]

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Sorry, it’s the Costanza defense, by several years! :slight_smile: Thanks for the clip, though, I miss Chappelle!