San Francisco Bay Area map according to Urban Dictionary

I must say on further review of the map I’m surprised there’s no mention of the munitions dump near Concord. Young people today.

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What a great tune. Never heard it. I love the sample from “The People’s Court.”

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It’s hard to tell, but I’m either moving to “Hella ghetto but awesome” or “gunshots” in the near future.

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I once came out of a movie theater in Pleasant Hill to see two guys wailing on this third guy – maybe 1 a.m. – I was about to call the cops but this guy ended up chasing off the other two. As the two guys ran away, the fellow that stood his ground yelled after him, “Come back here and I’ll show you what Pleasant Hill is about, motherfucker.”

An incongruous place for some fight over territory.


Glad you liked it!

To go on a complete aside, Babyland remains one of my all time favorite groups. I was very sad when they broke up a few years back. They had some crazy DIY setups with custom made percussion instruments, an old creaky Mac SE as their MIDI sequencer (which was replaced with a newer laptop in recent years), oil drums, and circular saws.

Their music was really important to me throughout my late teens. I attended many of their live shows whenever they made it up to the Bay Area and those experiences are ones I treasure. There’s lots of live videos of them on YouTube but most of them were taken well after my time.

“I’ll show you what Pleasant Hill is about”? LOL. I can’t even re-type those words without smirking stupidly.


Now I know what I’ll be doing when I’m done here.

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I grew up in “get shot” and I managed to make it through life without getting shot so it may be false advertising.

Looking at the map it amazes me people still say “hella”. I mean that bit of Bay Area slang was on its way out when I was young. I guess it’s just one of those words that has inherent staying power.

Well, the “g” is a lot more dangerous than the second “t”

Apparently the smugness of Lamorinda corridor is overridden by UC Berkeley’s really long name. Or it is filled with old white people who don’t use UD.

Nice to see “Where the heck is Concord” accurately depicted.

On the PHill note, there was a funny video on Claycord once where a woman capped off a tirade with something like, “I’m from Concord, that’s how we roll!” But everyone knows the real gangstas all live out in The Yoch.

Also, my favorite nickname that I’ve heard for the end of the yellow line BART station, “Pistol/Gunpoint”

I always wondered where the Filipino neighborhood is. I see McDonald’s ads in Tagalog on the sides of buses, and we had that Jollibee next to Moscone for a couple of years, so I knew there must be one somewhere.

Ha! Better wine than France my derrière!

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