San Francisco Bay Area map according to Urban Dictionary


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Yahoo: decent email?


pig latin for “Beast”


Do Atlanta next!


Looking at the cut-off map, I assumed San Jose had been erased as an entity, which is usually how it goes when people think about or depict the Bay Area.


Brings back memories of school days. I’m disappointed not to see Stanford tagged as “The Farm.”



I thought the whole thing would have been labeled “Limousine Liberals” instead of one small area. :thinking:




San Jose has been removed from all maps. That why everyone has to ask for directions to get there.


Bay Area native here. Can confirm this map is largely accurate.


I never thought of this before but sure enough my current place of residence is there and largely accurate.


I’d say that’s not entirely untrue, and in a way, we kinda don’t mind, either.


the thing is though, no one around here calls berkeley “Berzerkeley” - to me it’s like seeing “Frisco” where “The City” is.

other than that, seems pretty accurate. i agree, the Furd should probably say “the farm”

but crowdsourcing, you know… what ya gonna do?


Works for old reclusive me.


What that description, she’ll be looking for a very, very long time. “So it’s not like LA, and it’s got a lot of… space?” I’m pretty sure the guy who wrote the lyrics had never been to San Jose - he claims he was stationed there while in the navy. Pretty sure he confused it with someplace else.

I frequently erase San Jose from my mind, and I live here.


So, nothing where I deliver each week between Bezerkley and (now I can’t remember) C-dub(?)

I dub thee Braverman-burg or aptly, Parent-hood (yeah, I know Parenthood’s in San Diego, but it sure looks like their neighborhood at the 'rents house out there).


I’m sitting in the Dub-C right now. And neither Orinda nor Lafayette seem to have any traction for nicknames on urban dictionary which surprises me not at all.


Unscientific map? I’m a local and its pretty spot on!


“The Town”? “Rich”? It’s “Oak-town”! And Richmond is nowhere near cool enough to have any kind of nick-name!


I’ll try to come up with a couple…

Orinda… San Pablo’s Damned Road? Whitest BART station?
Lafayette? Umm… white people?

Yeah, those are tough. I mean that entire SR-24 corridor east of the tunnel is basically white people central.

Moraga at least has a song written about it.