San Francisco flowchart of on-demand delivery services for everything

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In an echo of some of the abstract nightmares that marked the end of axiomatic set theory’s happy, optimistic, childhood years; isn’t “things that cannot be categorized” the category that contains all the items that it cannot contain?


I believe this flow chart is TaskRabbit or bike courier services for delivering anything from anywhere (the “it can not be categorized” flow).

Thought about a global economy of people delivering stuff to other people that are too busy delivering stuff to people to get their own stuff from the people working at the shop. Feeling a bit dizzy now.

Reminds me of this piece:

Angel the concierge stands behind a lobby desk at a luxe apartment building in downtown San Francisco, and describes the residents of this imperial, 37-story tower. “Ubers, Squares, a few Twitters,” she says. “A lot of work-from-homers.”

And by late afternoon on a Tuesday, they’re striding into the lobby at a just-get-me-home-goddammit clip, some with laptop bags slung over their shoulders, others carrying swank leather satchels. At the same time a second, temporary population streams into the building: the app-based meal delivery people hoisting thermal carrier bags and sacks. Green means Sprig. A huge M means Munchery. Down in the basement, Amazon Prime delivery people check in packages with the porter. The Instacart groceries are plunked straight into a walk-in fridge.


And that’s when I realized: the on-demand world isn’t about sharing at all. It’s about being served. This is an economy of shut-ins.


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