San Francisco Giants are zapping their brains to improve performance

My doctoral thesis:

Behavioural neuroscience.

I was using “TLDR” as shorthand for “here’s my summary of the material for others who haven’t read it”, BTW.


The lack of coverage of very recent papers is likely just due to the work involved in producing a systematic review, BTW. They take a fair bit of time to do.

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It means Too Long Didn’t Read.
I guess you just blindly believe what people tell you …

I’m sorry, though. I didn’t realize you were an expert on the topic. I
see that you have worked with rats. Have you done any research on humans?

Yes, it does.

Here, and in other places, it is often used to indicate “here’s a short version for those who aren’t willing to read something that long”, generally after posting a link to a long and detailed source. As in “there’s the full version, and here’s the summary for the TLDR people”.


Human subjects tended to object once we got to the skull removal and brain extraction phase of research, however. Therefore, rats.

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Hence the reason why most investigation into this type of thing has used TMS rather than tDCS. Current gets messed up by resistance, magnetism doesn’t.

This is also why an MEG is a much better (and much more expensive) brainscanner than an EEG.

MEGs are very nifty gadgets; a bunch of SQUIDs (as used in Johnny Mnemonic) floating in liquid helium. The only real limit on their sensitivity is how well you can shield the room from background EM radiation.

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I don’t know what you use to type your posts, but whatever it is it’s got a serious issue with putting ends of lines where there shouldn’t be any. It makes your long posts kinda painful to read.

I like your “Acknowledgements” section :wink:


“Because I said I would” is actually a really good motivator.

That’s how I get anything done, really.

Squick warning for the image on page 1-8 (“Life-threatening Necrotizing Fasciitis Due to ‘Bath Salts’ Injection”), by the way.

Viewing not recommended during meals.

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