San Francisco National Cemetery spends $15MM to 'permanently' level 28k headstones




This seems like a problem that could be solved by standardized, rackmount, ‘mortuary modules’. 4, maybe 5 U high, 19 inches wide, slides nice and neat into a four-post rack with a KVM-style fold-up bit for the headstone inscription.

Highly compact, extremely efficient, seismically stable with suitable mounting, what’s not to like?


I read the headline as level = destroy – glad that I was wrong.


Why can’t we just have a great big field where you can drop us in a hole and plant a tree in it?
I read once about a ‘forest of the dead’ in Germany.
Now that’s a final solution.


As long as my tree can be equipped with an operational cannon and a live twitter feed broadcast, I’m in!


English graveyards are allowed to decompose naturally, and people have picnics in them, and contemplate their eventual ascent to a higher trophic level.

For example the Southampton graveyard.

In America we seem to have a problem with the idea of “letting go”…


That’s what I thought too. “Stabilize” might be a better term.


Then it worked. You were clickbaited by rule #1: the Double-Entendre

(& so was I. I thought, "WHAT?? THAT’S SO WRONG! Oh. Duh.)


Tree Root That Ate Roger Williams, Providence, Rhode Island


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