San Francisco's competitive lightsaber academy opens this week

Some Jedi always have to learn the hard way.

you mean, a good way for kids to connect with their Gen X parents.

I’m glad they’re doing this in San Francisco, because it’s just another reason to loathe the city for it’s pretentiousness. home of artisanal toast, electric cars, and Harry Potter-reading adults.

On the plus side we haven’t had any @IOvUF sightings go a while, so that’s one less problem.


yeah, I was bummed they kept me at the city limits because I refused to ride a fixie, grow a mustache long enough to wax, plant hemp in a community garden, switch all my media back to cassette, work at consecutive failed tech start-ups, wear clothing from the 80’s without any sense of irony, come out as pansexual, burn for Bernie, and become a raw vegan.

you’re right…I’m the problem. the city is not pretentious at all.

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San Francisco is all those things and more! We even adopted the Folsom Street Fair look as our year-round dress code! Save yourself some heartache and stay far, far away.




Everyday is halloween!


if it was FSF or Bay to Breakers attire every day, the city would actually be a much better place.

honestly @Brainspore, try to get over it and yourself. sorry to burst your smug bubble, but love the place as you do - or not, as so many others feel, you’re so entrenched in the obnoxious culture that you can no longer identify it all around you. gain a little perspective.

New York has self important braggarts, Los Angeles has self serving braggarts, and San Francisco has self righteous braggarts. accept and move on.

That does explain your avatar.

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Why the hate? Do you feel it surging within you?

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Clearly you spend a lot of time in San Francisco… (or have ever been there). Next up: complaining about Burning Man!

So what city has your “ideal” culture? Dallas?

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