San Francisco's drug geography


The numbers seem to plummet about 5-6 years ago. Any idea why?

I liked a lot of his number and graphics work, but figured I should put in a plug for a tool like the open source Java Treeview for doing the clustering of the normalized vectors. It’s always nice to know that patterns apparently visible to the eye are present mathematically.

Wasn’t there some kind of recession? I vaguely remember reading about it somewhere.

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Some of this is not surprising. Hippie Hill, on the Haight-Ashbury end of Golden Gate Park, was the standard place to go buy weed before the dispensaries became widespread. The cops usually left the hippies and customers alone. There’s a lot less in Dolores Park, or at least it’s more discreet, but the marijuana chocolate truffles guy goes there.

Maybe in real estate and financial services, but was there a recession in meth?

Honest to God: I read “San Fransisco’s smug geography.”

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Bogus bullshit cop data - good for locking people up.

These Police Station patrol division mappings have little or NO bearing on ether the neighborhoods or human topography of San Francisco. Fillmore and Western Addition or Ingleside vs. City College mean everything - and are not close to representation.

We in SFO are no more smug than citizens of the United States, the close neighbor with which we share many historical ties.

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