Sandy Hook Truthers are the worst

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I had no idea there were conspiracy theorists surrounding the events at Sandy Hook.

I can say that to give them the moniker “Truther” is already giving them more implied credibility than is deserved. Just in a name, some level of credibility - a struggle to get the truth out - is implied. That’s just wrong. This is an informal name that’s come about recently isn’t it? “We” need to work hard and get that put back in the proverbial bottle as no one other than the conspiracy theorists themselves would call themselves “Truthers”.
Never use that term, always just “conspiracy theorists”.


There are moments when I feel a twinge of pity for the Truther and conspiracy theorist populations. They are so blinded by their ideologies and fear that they find the concept of a world in which there is a vast, directed, highly disciplined conspiracy acting against their own personal interests to be preferable to the reality where there is no one in control.

Those moments tend to die like candles in a high wind from crap like this. Try as I might, feeling sympathy for a self-deluded person who just wants to feel special (even if that degree of specialness is “I’m worth persecuting! I matter!”) ends the moment they stomp on someone else’s actual tragedy.


I like “Liar” myself


There are conspiracy theorists about everything.

I will probably surprise people by saying this, but f you TRULY believe the Moon Landing was a hoax or think Sandy Hook was a hoax you probably shouldn’t own guns.


I’ve dispatched my giant snail to eat all “truthers” in its’ path!


I’m kind of hung up on that word, too. People who want it known that there were no WMDs in Iraq before the innvasion, are they also “truthers”? What about those who think JFK wasnt actually shot by a lone gunman?

What strange times we live in, when" truth" becomes an insult!




Godless Killing Machines?


I almost swallowed my tongue trying to pronounce that.


Whatever we call them, anyone who thinks Sandy Hook was a hoax can go die in a fire.


Might as well make the curse perfectly matched to the issue.


I kind of like it, linguistically. It’s an acknowledgement that what someone accepts as “Truth” isn’t really dependent on reality, it’s dependent on what that person believes to be true.

Imagine if “Climate change deniers” were called “Climate Chante Truthers” instead - makes them sound more insane and disconnected from reality, IMO. Denial implies that you’re a reasonable person with reasonable evidence, but being called a “Truther” means you’re someone who has your own narrative, regardless of what the reality is.

Maybe it’s just me, though. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure a lot of them wouldn’t mind, because it would be the World Government coming after them and it might wake you sheeple up.*

* - Please apply capitalization of entire words as necessary.


IMO, they are terrorists and should be accorded the same treatment.


For this particular tragedy, I think combining “truther” (which is a term the public has already heard) with something specific to the incident would be, well not appropriate, but as appropriate as a discussion of conspiracy theories about a tragedy can be.

So I nominate “Hookers” as the name for that particular group of idiots and/or assholes. And if someone misinterprets that term … eh, close enough.



There was a commemorative Sandy Hook run and speech near me a few months ago (in CT), where a man in front of the platform was arrested for yelling to the organizers that the shooting was a hoax, under the pretext that he was “disturbing the peace”.

I think that conspiracy nuts can be annoying, but I am more offended by people using police to jail others for emotional reasons.

I was lucky that I was mentored by a professor who had a keen interest in the psychology behind such beliefs. My field of study was Industrial and Maritime Archaeology, and at that time, Atlantis was popular, as were many unfounded theories about Egyptian pyramids in Mexico, and stuff like that. Most of what we dealt with then was pretty harmless, except when they tried to disrupt sites. The Sandy Hook, 9/11, and even San Bernardino people are much more mean spirited, but use the same logical twists that the Atlantis people used decades ago. And once they start down that road, they are likely to pick up more conspiracies. One of the ways to learn about their thought process is to present evidence that some part of their theory is objectively false, usually, they will make up increasingly imaginative reasons why their core belief is still valid. A person using normal logical processes will usually be willing to change their mind about a belief that has been shown to be untrue.
Bigfoot is a good example. decades ago, Bigfoot was just thought of as a missing link or primate group living in the woods, like a lost tribe. Human population and wilderness use increased over the years, as has genetic study. The Bigfoot arguments continually evolved to counter the actual findings. Now that we have a pretty good idea what the minimum viable breeding population for such a creature might be, and conclusive tests of hair and other evidence can show that the samples come from animal or human sources, the believers have taken their arguments to pretty fanciful levels. They now argue that the creatures use mind control or transdimensional travel to avoid being seen or photographed.


Everyday the world finds a new way to disgust me.

I’m not sure I really want to know but what are these idiots claiming? That it was a hoax to help make stricter gun control laws easier to implement? If so then they’re doubly stupid because it’s obvious no amount of gun violence will ever dampen this country’s insane idolization of guns. Fabricating a tragedy like Sandy Hook would be a total waste of time.

Edit: OK I decided to read the article even though it just makes me mad. Yes, it’s just run-of-the-mill anti-government paranoia, taken out on grieving people by society’s cancer.