Sandy Hook Truthers are the worst


Have you read the linked story in the opening post?
If yes: how on earth can you make the points you are making? If no: please read.


What kind of evil Fucker would script the killing of school kids to forward an anti-gun agenda? The whole argument defies logic!


HOW FREAKING MANY PEOPLE NEED TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS? Way way too many. Hell even the famous loch ness monster photo had only 2 guys and one of them said how they faked it in the end.
Someone would have seriously talked by now. There is a lot of truth in the saying ‘Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead’.
Is so hard for you to live in a world where sometimes shitty things happen for no reason? (well easy access to guns doesn’t help things but that is another argument) Do we have to make up fantasy of grand machinations to explain away the fact that the universe is indeed a random and uncaring thing. It is also freaking amazing and beautiful thing and there is way more of that in the world.


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No, just, no. I don’t have a useful reply on this.
I’m afraid the topic title is fairly correct.




Indeed an interesting fenomena, people making things up (even, or just because?) when the day to day events are at them self’s disturbing enough.


Opening act: Playing Doctor


So you’re saying the idea that Sandy Hook was a massive conspiratorial hoax excites you? (As if I wasn’t already backing away as fast as I could from your comments…)


With as one of the songs ‘doing a lot of research’. And ‘Bias anybody?’


“Shake Your Funding-maker”


‘The evidence speaks for itself’ (and the crowd goes wild)


And of course a ballad: ‘there are sick individuals involved’.

Sorry, I will shut the door behind me.


I wouldn’t put it past assholes with agendas to take advantage of a tragedy but, no I can’t put any stock into a conspiracy behind Sandy Hook. I’ve visited area 51 and seen some strange lights in the sky though! :smiley:


I always hate to do this–our luck dragon is overworked, overfed, and underpaid–but @falcor do you think this conversation has run its course?


Aw! We almost came up with enough titles for an entire album!!


Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

“The multiple eyewitness claims - that someone shot a bunch of kids - were correct” is not an extraordinary claim.

“The multiple eyewitness claims - that someone shot a bunch of kids - were lies, told by hired actors, and were part of a vast conspiracy” is an extraordinary claim.

So, without giving examples of the “evidence” or “holes” or “points that are not being rebutted,” I’m not sure why you expect anyone to take your extraordinary claims seriously.




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