After the Parkland shooting, NRA official reached out to Sandy Hook denier to discuss possibility that it was an anti-gun conspiracy

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The NRA has gone full on evil. Fuck them.


How much more will it take for the NRA to be classified as a hate group?


The NRA is a terrorism support group, and its leaders and funders, if not the rank-and-file membership, should be arrested and jailed.


I feel like this image might be a bit over the top. If one of us posted that in the forums people would definitely be asking for a blur.


I’m going to go out on a limb here and venture a possibly controversial opinion, but do you think that perhaps someone who rushes to tell self-serving lies about murdered children might, I don’t know, perhaps lack a little of the moral clarity that we might hope for from those we trust to keep and use lethal weapons?

I’m spitballing here, of course, and maybe I’m way out of line, but you know, I’m sensing a little bit of a disconnect. What does anyone else think?


The false flag theories around these shootings lose a teensy bit of internal logic given the fact that nothing changed after any of them. If a cabal of powerful forces is willing to orchestrate and/or fake the deaths of dozens of children with the cooperation of hundreds of participants at the state and federal level, it seems odd that those same powerful forces are not willing to advance any actual gun control policy proposals following the events, no?


If the leaders and core membership of this organization were brown, they would already be on the “sponsors of terrorism” list. Since they are right wing white guys, it will never happen. But the fact remains that that is exactly what they are. Maybe someday if we return to sanity they will face the music (or the firing squad, oh the irony!) but until then, nah, just not gonna happen. Do you remember in the Obama admin when it was recognized that white nationalists had infiltrated the military and returning vets form the middle east were prime recruitment targets for neo-Nazis? The republican lost their fucking minds over the “profound disrespect” shown to our vets to suspect such a thing and demanded that the investigation be shut down. Which it was.

That is still happening.


You have disproven my conspiracy theory… but it was a TRAp! For now you shall forever doubt if not maybe the conspiracy runs even deeper, and what’s disproven was just a cover-up.
Ha, ha ! Once you let go of rational thought, there is no telling how far the Bavarian Illuminati can reach!


As I’ve said before: what a good and definitely-only-committed-to-gun-safety-and-firearms-access organization the NRA is.


If any other group with guns made those kind of “winking”* violent threats, law enforcement would be checking them out.

The NRA seems like the climate change denial front groups created by special interests that have taken on a horrible life of their own.

 * and by winking, I mean completely obviously threats with just enough room to step back and claim that it wasn’t.


Especially obvious because any evil cabal worth its salt could snatch all your guns without murdering children. Except Obama, he needs the sacrifices.


Exactly This ™.

What kind of person sees a bunch of murdered children, then immidately thinks, “CONSPIRACY!!!”. These people hold way too much sway in the USA.


Loesch and her goons are embarrassingly desperate to run their own death camps.


These people think like this, because that’s how they operate. The projection from the right is pathetically predictable.

It is precisely the vigilance of these heroes exposing the cabal that stays their hand and prevents the guns from being taken away. Or so their fantasy world goes. Seriously, they really do think that it’s their efforts in exposing these cabals that keeps America safe from commies and socialists or anyone else who wants to make the world a better place.


The chief irony about the NRA is, all the fear-the-deep-state nuts who flock to the organization fail to realize that the NRA is the very deep state they fear.


If the leaders and core membership of this organization were brown, they would already be on the “sponsors of terrorism” list.

Right? Let us not forget that this whole individual-mandate, gun-humping version of the NRA came about precisely because African-Americans started to very openly arm themselves against the people who were killing them, which, hey, happened to be white. Just the fact that people of color owned guns was enough to radicalize the good ol’ boys in the NRA.

As to the ongoing Alex Jones fiasco, I will again post a link to this great This American Life podcast about vicious scumbag Wolfgang Helbig and his fellow delusional fuckwits. There’s some great dirt on Jones near the end, followed unfortunately by a rather disheartening conclusion. Still a good listen.


What they’re really thinking is, “opportunity.”


Articles about the NRA’s involvement with Russian spies, associating with far-right extremists in Australia, and now consulting with someone who harasses the parents of murdered pre-schoolers…

Funny how the ammosexuals and barrel strokers who always show up here to defend these champions of the Second Amendment have been absent from these topics.


Could have been worse: