Santa Claus is running against Sarah Palin for Alaska's open rep seat

Yes - Santa Claus. Yes, he’s from North Pole, Alaska.

And yes, he’s just a guy who looks like Santa Claus, who legally changed his name to Santa Claus.

And yes, North Pole, Alaska is the name of a town in Alaska that is not anywhere near the actual North Pole.

But aside from the tongue firmly in cheek aspects, this guy is a good candidate. He’s smart, with a life long list of political work, NYU educated, Dr. degree, and theologian. In many ways he is a liberal democrat that a republican would be comfortable voting for. He hits on family values in a way that makes it obvious that left wing liberalism is much more christian than right wing conservatism. Reminds me of Fetterman from PA in that he can get traction on both sides.

talk this guy up.

Fetterman too. running for PA senate seat vacated by (R.) Toomy


Hell, even Mr Heat Miser would be a better choice than Palin!


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