Challenger for Michele Bachmann's Congressional seat offers "money back guarantee" if he ever lobbies or takes special-interest money


You’ve got your right-wing-nuts confused, Cory. This is Michele Bachmann’s district.


I thought to myself, “Sarah Palin’s doing what, now?” But now that I think about it, I thought Bachmann was serving her last term.


She is, indeed, not running for re-election. Thank goodness.

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Here is a link to the people running in that district.’s_6th_Congressional_District_elections,_2014

This headline and story are embarrassingly wrong.

  1. Palin is famously from Alaska
  2. Palin famously quit her job as Governor and has never been a US Representative
  3. Bachmann is the incumbent for this seat, but you’d know she wasn’t seeking re-election if you even visited her website, since it auto-plays a video that immediately announces that.

Can we get some editors in here?



Factual issues aside, a politician who states that he won’t lobby or take special-interest money is one who is already planning to create exotic new definitions for “lobby” and “special-interest money”.

E.g.: “Those guys? Those weren’t special-interest, those were distinctive-interest! Completely different!”


Quid pro Whoaaa!

Heh, I was going to ask how an Alaskan was running in a state race in Minnesota.


Caribou Barbie is running in Minnesota? Who knew?

This thread may already be killed by the headline issues. That is, we’ll be talking about the perfect storm of just plain wrong that @regular pointed out, rather than the issue of a Congresscritter actually being honest.

But in case we do end up talking about John Denney’s candidacy and promise:

Cynicism is well founded in this case, based on the previous behavior of 500+ sitting Congresscreatures. However…

Maybe, just maybe…

… and you can call me a dreamer…

but perhaps and/or have something to do with this.

Better, but still wrong.

an independent in the Minnesota Sixth District, running against Michele Bachmann

She isn’t running for re-election, so Denny isn’t running against her.

I hope, once we work out all of these basic facts, we can start talking about Denny’s actual, and actually important, positions on lobbying.

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I can’t edit the body of Cory’s post, only the title here in BBS.

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Ah, gotcha. Well thank you for the effort.

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I actually read his campaign website.

I liked the stuff about campaign finance and drug law reform.

The stuff on a flat tax and his plan to pay down student loan debt by allowing 401k holders to donate (tax free!) to a student to pay off the debt (seriously, wft?) Eh, not so much.


There is no legislation that’s in everyone’s interest. “Special Interests” are just politician-speak for “things that my opponent supports but I don’t.”

Future ex-congressman’s apology;

When I said I would not take special interest money I had no idea we were talking about those kinds of figures. No one in their right mind would refuse that kind of money. Here is my paltry salary back with interest, just as I promised.


Plus, the headline of the blog has his name spelled as “Denny”, whereas his document has it spelled as “Denney” signals for one editor and a side of spell-check