'NO.' God tells Michele Bachmann not to run for Al Franken's Senate seat


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Um… yay?


This seems like it’s just giving Bachmann free publicity (and motivating right-wingers who are offended by the portrayal of God).

I wish so much of the left didn’t value snappy comebacks over anything constructive.


The same idiots that voted for Bachmann voted for Trump. What constructive thing can one possibly say to them? You can’t even quote Bible verses about Jesus feeding the poor and have any kind of influence on them.


None of us ever thought Jesse Ventura would be topped as our biggest political embarrassment. Inflicting her on Congress, though … we’re all really sorry.


Wow, Dems in Minn are wasting their money and time here. They should be actively encouraging Bachmann to run. She couldn’t get re-elected in a heavily gerrymandered district at the height of anti-Obama hysteria, how do you think she can possibly win a statewide election in this climate? She was already unpopular in Minnesota to begin with. If she were to get the nomination it would be a gift to Democrats. The best part is the GOP doesn’t want Bachmann back, so party support would be tepid at best. They’re not likely to get a better possible candidate to run against.


Ratfucking doesn’t always work, and it’s never done by shouting, “yeah! Yeah! Run!” It’s quiet and secret, or not at all.

Also, if fun is a bad idea, then I quit.


After 2016 I’m not eager to test that theory again.

Honestly I still think in the long run we’d be better off if both parties really did put forward the best candidates they have to offer. I’d rather have a Democrat who could beat a thoughtful, persuasive Republican than a Democrat who won just by saying “see, I’m clearly better than THAT.”


Laughing too hard to type…


You could refrain from actively encouraging them.

This billboard amounts to “Hey right-wingers, godless liberals hate Michelle Bachmann!”


I’m really surprised at the lack of “Lord, give me a sign. Any kind of sign” jokes in this thread.


Hey, snappy comebacks are our opiate! Or rather, it’s the ointment that takes the edge off of the painful hard Stupid.

It motivates, it boosts morale, and does inspire more participation in constructive stuff. Most of those who engage in snappy comebacks are also busy doing constructive stuff, so stop concern trolling.

Sheesh. :face_with_monocle:


Come on, people only follow the word of God when it tells them what they want to hear.


I am reminded of Deacon Vorbis in Terry Pratchett’s novel Small Gods: a man who only heard the echo of his own thoughts, and mistook them for the voice of his god.


Nah, it’s giving God free publicity.


They already think that…


Is this a sign that you are disappointed?


Well, yes, that’s usually how it works.


I’m troubled by this billboard. Troubled bcause its design is so bad.

Something this simple shouldn’t be so hard to read!


I think our existence is active encouragement for them to act like they do. Imagine Rorschach with a bible in his hand and you pretty much have your average far-right evangelical.