Satanic statue part of holiday decorations at Illinois Capitol




God bless 'em!
Or not, I guess, but in any case, good for them.




Hail Satan’s cab


Hail El Santo!



A number of news outlets are calling it the “Snaketivity”


“We do not promote a belief in a personal Satan,” the website says. “To embrace the name Satan is to embrace rational inquiry removed from supernaturalism and archaic tradition-based superstitions.”

In a different world, talk like that would outrage a whole bunch of dedicated Satanists. “We were Satanists before you were! How dare you try to take Satanism away from us! You can call yourselves something else!” And so on.

[S]ome of the old-style Satanists tended, in fact, to be quite nice people. They mouthed the words and went through the motions, just like the people they thought of as their opposite numbers, and then went home and lived lives of mild unassuming mediocrity for the rest of the week with never an unusually evil thought in their heads.

-“Good Omens”, Pratchett and Gaiman

(Haylookit the fulltext is at the Internet archive for some strange reason.)


I’ve always been partial to Druids. I am not kidding.


Yeah, but if you’re a druid your career will lie in runes


“Approximately 4.5 feet tall, the statue features a snake around an arm with the hand clutching an apple.”

The apple (as in The Big Apple) represents NYC, birthplace of Satan-spawn Trump (he being represented by the clutching (read: greedy) snake-wrapped arm. [Stick with me on this, people; it’s almost kind of sort of borderline worth it.] The 4.5 feet represents what would be Trump’s height if he was shrunk down to correspond with the size of his little wee-wee.

The above is totally true.


Hail (Carlos) Santana!

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Not counting “Stonehenge” in This is Spinal Tap, they got one really good film


Hail Satin…its so soft

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