Satanic Temple required protesters to pledge their souls to Satan as condition of entry

When I was texting with Satan the other day, he told me Steve Jobs got him an iphone7, that Satan is a scammer and a half. Then he went on to brag about his MacBook Pro that actually works, that one really hit home, I mean “ouch”.

[note sarcasm & schadenfreude]


In related news, it is final: Oklahoma’s Ten Commandments statue must be removed, state Supreme Court says


I think John Constantine has this covered.


Where can I go to get a 6" to 12" miniature?

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But it’s kinda spendy.

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Well, fuck. When I became a godparent, we had to renounce satan as part of the overall ceremony/service. Guess that means I can never go see this statue without spontaneously combusting or something.


Pull over now for blue light specials and Faustian bargains!

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Clearly these are just weekend Satanists, without any inkling of knowledge of any of the different characters they seem to be tying up into one.
Satan is the devil, Beelzebub is another name for the devil, Abbadon is an angel/demon, Lucifer (mentioned only once, and only in the King James version) refers to Nebuchadnezzar, and the Antichrist was actually Nero. Wrap all of this up in a supposed Templar idol (according to Philip IV) based on a pagan god, Pan, and I have no idea who I’m supposed to be selling my soul to.
A fucking committee?


Anyone who would sign something like this, even in jest, only reflects their ignorance. Faith in no God requires just as much faith as faith in God. We don’t have all the answers of this universe. Don’t pretend you do.

There’s no such thing as “Faith in no God”.
You don’t require ‘faith in no fairies/elves/pixies/…’ do you?
Faith requires a belief, not a lack of it.


If you are foolish enough to define a god, I can prove it doesn’t do anything different than you’d expect if there were no god altogether.

To say atheism requires faith is an insult to my intelligence.

It’s the religious making claims about the existence of gods. Writing them off until they can offer any evidence isn’t faith. It’s in fact reason. Don’t call your faith the same thing as reason. My position at least makes logical sense.


That’s why it is called Hell.

Not taking something seriously does not necessarily mean being ignorant of it.


I think you’re also conflating some figures, and it’s a bit more complicated like that. Satan and ‘the devil’ aren’t one and the same, at least in the Bible. Satan (especially in Jewish tradition and in the OT) is an angel (not ‘fallen,’ no matter how much Milton fanfic you’ve read) who essentially serves as a prosecuting attorney, putting people’s faith to the test. ‘The devil’ can be applied to any number of nasty entities, some anthropomorphic, some just vaguely articulated ‘spirits’ that could be anything from schizophrenia to a stomach ache. And, hell, even in the OT, ‘Satan’ (or ha-shaitan) gets used as a vague title (essentially meaning “the accuser”) that might be applied to various entities both earthly and supernatural (and whether it gets translated as “an accuser” “Satan” or “the Devil” is largely down to the caprice of the translator…).

Of course, the real answer is these guys know the religious-types they’re baiting know fuck-all about their own professed faith or the terminology in question, so they can be just as vague as the rubes they are targeting…


But “devil” is derived from Greek diabolos, “accuser”, which is used in the Septuagint to translate the Hebrew śāṭān.

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And “Baphomet” is an Old French form of “Mohammed”.

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I realise that it fractures deeper, mine was a simplified explanation, even for the Jesus Chrispies.


That’s true. It’s a bit like how ‘Sheol’ (which just means ‘grave’) in the
OT was translated as ‘Hades’ in the Greek, which led to centuries of
Christians thinking their religion included the concept of an insane
torture-dungeon (ironically, the English word ‘Hell,’ which has contributed
further to this harmful myth, is closer in actual meaning to ‘Sheol’ than
to ‘Hades’ - ‘hell’ used to just be the word for a potato cellar

Words with the same or similar meanings accrue new meanings through
connotation rather than denotation in translation, and, combined with
Christianity being willing to syncretically absorb all kinds on Pagan
practice and terminology in its expansion as a ‘universal’ religion, has
led to some very wild word-creep.


No worries. I didn’t intend to be a pedantic corrective, so much as to
agree and further your point about just how simplistic and stupid the
average Evangelical’s (and, TBO, the average critic of Evangelicals)
understanding of their supposed religion and its source texts is.

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I’ve always thought that I could be wrong on so many things and it would be okay. Honestly, if I’m on my deathbed and suddenly it all becomes clear that a flat tax is a good idea and not basically evil… whatever. However, if I’m wrong about God/Heaven not existing… well I’m fucked.

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