Satisfying implosions: watch Trump Plaza come crashing down

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2021, the year the USA got rid of a bunch of eyesores, cleaned up the mess a certain real estate loudmouth from NewYork left behind as he went into Floridian exile.


It is a shame that the building didn’t still have huge Trump branding.


The Atlantic City casinos were always the prime examples of the rank incompetence of this self-described “genius business tycoon”: someone who was in reality so bumbling, lazy, and egomaniacal that he couldn’t get a casino resort to turn a profit.

For us, one of his casinos literally running itself into the ground is a fitting and satisfying symbolic end to the myth. However, no-one here should expect his marks and personality cultists to get it.

It’s also a shame that the auction for pressing the demolition button was cancelled.


Trump Plaza was erected next to the home of Vera Coking. In the 90s, Trump tried to use eminent domain to condemn Coking’s home so he could add a limousine parking lot to Trump Plaza, but lost his case. The house stayed in the family until 2014, just a few months before Trump Plaza ceased operations.


I that what they call that thing these days?


Was tRump in the building when it went down, then not very satisfying for me.


It was a pretty brilliant demolition. Such a small footprint and such a possibility for disaster if the charges were done ineptly and it fell wrong. Bonus: the plumes of concrete dust wafted out to sea instead of back into town. Trump implodes really well!


I thought they were going to auction off the right to press the big red button setting off the explosives. If they didn’t, what a missed opportunity.

As I saw someone post on another site, maybe it hasn’t been cancelled. Maybe John Oliver paid a giant pile of HBO money and we’ll see it soon.


I stayed inside Trump Plaza and as far as a functional hotel, everything that could be done wrong in the construction, was done.

Building Examples:

  • There was no thermal management between building sections (temperature variances were as high as 40 deg F (20 deg C).
  • Instead in insulating sounds between rooms, acoustics were perfectly tuned so that you could hear the ice machine and elevators perfectly, even though your room was at the opposite end of the hallways.
  • There was lack of reinforcements on the wear surfaces to minimize wear and tear (example, wall edges and corners were beat to hell, and no repairs nor maintenance was ever done. Hallway electrical outlets were sparse and were constantly being used by housekeeping to the point they were falling apart.)
  • There was minimal “workmanship” but no pride to go with it.
  • Building was built cheap and fast, with no coordination between the trades, as they weren’t paid enough margin to “do the right thing,” so corners were cut in multiple places.

When I checked into the hotel and engage in common courtesy and pleasantries with the staff, they were astonished that I wasn’t behaving as an entitled jerk and looked at me like I was an out-of-place unicorn far from its natural habitat. (I was there on business so all I did was shower and try to sleep. I was lacking the hypnotic glaze their usual gamblers exhibited.)


I remember staying in a fairly-high-end (allegedly, per my work) hotel on business in Memphis and being able to literally hear the person walking around in the next room. I do have very good hearing, but not normally that good.

I feel sorry for them - I was dead tired that night and I 100% guarantee I snored my head off like I do when I’m wiped out.

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