Saturn's weird "Flying Saucer" moon

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It’s a space parasite looking for a giant Leonard Nimoy!


Here’s a higher resolution image



Dude, you always beat me to the draw. I raise a can of Chef Boyardee in your honor.


Are those stars in the background or photography artifact?

It reminds me of a half chewed Chewit.

I wonder if is chewier than Barrow in Furness bus depot?

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Just glad to see you.

Banana candy is mirror universe pizza/sex: even when it’s good, it’s still bad.

Seriously, candy makers? Out of all the possible* flavors, you chose fake banana.

*Those Harry Potter jelly beans should have remained fictional. You can’t un-taste them.

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I have nothing clever to say. Just - this is so f-ing COOL! Something we made just zipped by a teeny tiny moon of a huge far away planet, and sent back crisp clear pictures. Maybe it’s because I was born before a human walked on the moon (that is, OUR moon) but I am damn impressed!

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Stars I think. They don’t move linearly because of the long interval between frames.

Looks like something from a 5th grader’s science fair project… and for all we know it just might.

I’m gonna go with cancerous mole. You know, because I like to think positively.


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