Saudi cleric: Earth does not revolve around Sun, moon landing was faked, because religion

Soon the duties will fall to Mike Collins.

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Didn’t he won the Space Race with asteroids?


Surely not any more? We’ve had generations and generations of people being born, living and dying off since the species as a whole has been aware of the particular mechanics of this solar system. The discouraging thing may well be that the species as a whole has not accepted the particular mechanics of this solar system, insofar as it cares about it at all.

With the rise of ISS, with people rejecting vaccinations because of un scientific reasons: are on the cusp of a new “dark ages”?

With almost 8 of 10 Americans believing in angels, maybe we’re already there.


I’m seeing on the twitters that this is an excerpt from a Saudi satirical comedy show, “Tash Ma Tash,” although I haven’t verified it.


If angels don’t exist, why do you have a word for them? You seem to think you know what it refers to.


I’m skeptical that satire would even be allowed to exist in SA. Is Tash ma Tash actually a thing. Or is it only “government sanctioned” satire?

Scene: A woman walks outside to get her mail. Suddenly, Ashton Kutcher jumps out of a bush and pulls off her hijab

Woman: Oh no!

Kutcher: You just got punk’d

Sudden mob of angry men: Stone the woman

Scene, pile of blood and entrails

Fade to black
Title: There are no excuses for a woman’s uncovered face

Canned laughter, onto the next sketch.


He’s just promoting obfuscational cosmology for the masses. The reality he won’t tell you about is our nazi-reptillian overlords of the hollow earth.

Stretch (-ing the truth) Armstrong. I’d like to upvote you twice: once for the comment and again for being a Carter fan (though you DO realise you’ve left the ‘r’ out of ‘sheriff’, right…?)


Time to give the Prof an outing…


The embrace of a geocentric model is bewildering considering the Islamic world’s influential history at the forefront of astronomy. Imagine an American evangelical preacher trying to get traction by decrying baseball as a Satanic plot.


This post is about as scientific as the derpwad in the video. You can’t interchange “US Creationist” with “25% of Americans” and follow it up with “I’m sure…”.

Citation or GTFO


still sad, though.


Oh that’s so cute, they have TeaBaggers over there too.


The Earth and the sun orbit each other, eh? Only due to the size imbalance, it appears that the Earth orbits the sun.

I probably heard this before, but do not recall it, thanks!


Somehow, though, I suspect this was not the cleric’s main point…

You’re thinking of Omega Race:

That’s because his plane flew in the other direction and approached the speed of light. Not by much, but enough! Too close, and his wings would have melted.


Why do scientists wear white lab coats?

If Jabberwock’s don’t exist, why is there a word for them?


Or fundamentalist atheists. Faith isn’t the only thing that promotes hate. Lack of faith can, too, if done in a fundamentalist way. I’m an atheist, btw.




However, religion isn’t the only thing that engenders faith.

Atheism, science, musical styles, favorite hair salon – all these do, as well.

Ritual is very important to hidden inner portions of the human mind. We can’t articulate them very well, but the shamanic trappings are everywhere. Bottles of champagne cracked across the bow of an oil tanker. White lab coats. The way we all reacted to the antlers &c in True Detective. The cultural unconscious has these resonances embedded deep in our memetic DNA. We can’t see them usually, but they’re there in Twin Peaks, in The Walking Dead, in Animaniacs, Animal House and American Sniper. It’s not just telling us something we want to hear; we want to hear it because something rings very faintly in there.*

But if we don’t want to run around blowing ourselves up or burning bus drivers captured from the next town over alive, we need to listen carefully and interrogate ourselves as well to avoid blind faith.

Not completely sure where I’m going with this.

Ritual is important. Don’t discount it. Don’t give it too much credit. Jazz is good, but so are drum machines, although rap-metal is usually not. Fanatics are to be avoided, unless they’re producing BBQ sauce; but don’t stay at their motel if they’re fanatical about making sausage, or their mother.


* It’s possible I’m full of pork-like sausage and suffering from media-burn-induced cultural tinnitus. YMMV. IANAL. LMAO. INRI. MMXV.