Saudi king brings 1,000-person entourage on French holiday


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That’s not an entourage, that’s an invasion.


How many piss boys does he have?



The Saudis also generated a great deal of anger by starting work on an elevator from the beach to the villa, which involved pouring a huge slab of cement directly on to the sand.

Which, for a time at least, would only result in a large pile of material with the consistency of talcum powder.

That said, the article notes that the 700+ “[outer] circle” (as opposed to the explicitly mentioned 300-person “inner circle”) is tradition–how many times has this occurred in the past, outside of the ME? I understand Somalia, Yemen, and Oman have lovely, uncrowded beaches…


Welcome to the future Trump presidency.


Isn’t the point of a vacation to get away from all the people constantly surrounding you?


I don’t know enough people to take over a booth at iHop, much the less a 1 km beach.

Maybe I should get out more.


Are any of them slaves?


Thats bétan Brut-al


Assuming gender inclusiveness? About half. Because women in Saudi society are slaves, or at least treated as if they are slaves.


A three week vacation from WHAT? Being a KING?


Any backers for a guillotine manufacturer start-up?


I appreciate your point, but I did mean actual slaves, not slave analogies.


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