Saudi King brings 506 tons of luggage on 9-day trip


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Does the old adage when packing -

Lay out everything you want to pack and how much money you are going to bring then take half the stuff and twice the money

Does that adage scale up to “Saudi King” level of packing?


Here in France, we’re still pissed off at him for closing a public beach using French police.


I’ve got a lot of crap, most of it both worthless and meaningless.
I don’t think I could reach that number even if I brought everything.

Could I even reach that number if I brought the vehicles and the house, including foundation?


Who packs elevatorS? Like, more than one? An elevator. Infrastructure.

It’s like bringing your own stairs.


I’m fascinated by the logistics involved in traveling with multiple elevators.



Bringing your own stairs would just be silly. No wheelchair access.


It isn’t 506 tons. The conversion is slightly wrong.


It’s not clear from the article whether that’s for him personally, or for all the support gear for his retinue. Elevators imply personal, multiple cars could go either way. Anybody have a detailed inventory?


The impressive part if that he forgot so much stuff at home.


The king needs to have a serious convo with Hobo Ahle.


I’m really perplexed by the elevators. Not just the fact that there are more than one, but that there is even one at all. I mean, is this some kind of Stairlift contraption the king needs to get up and down a flight of stairs when he’s not being carried on a litter?

I admit, I went down a googlehole just now looking at home elevator options (I live in a 4th floor walkup, so I’m motivated). There are some surprisingly interesting options out there…



When I am wealthy and living in a castle, I will totally have pneumatic tubes to shuttle me around.


And then he gets there and finds he still forgot his iPhone charger.



Oh, how I wish this Royal **** could experience going through normal security like the rest of us.


The only thing I could come up with that made any kind of sense is a cherry-picker (well, two cherry pickers, I guess) as some kind of mechanical handling equipment (helping to get the other stuff in and out of his 747 … which just begs the question; how would the cherry pickers get in and out of the 747 … ?)


well, cherry picker pickers of course.