Save 20% on the Voyager Golden Record 2xCD/Book edition


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Why is it $50 (that’s US dollars) reduced to $40 in USA, but in UK (from Amazon) it is £55 (that’s pounds sterling)??

(Yeah, I know. Rhetorical question. But you might sell a few more @pesco if the prices were a tad more equalised. I might pay £35-40 for this set, but I’m not paying £55. No idea whether the £55 is based on the record co’s price or just Amazon being gougers, as ever.)


Sorry, we have absolutely no control over Amazon’s pricing.


No - I didn’t think you would. Ozma’s site/shop wants $35 (!!!) to ship to UK. That’s nuts. I’ll have to ask them how much it weighs/dimensions and double check USPS rates and get it shipped to a friend in USA to then re-ship to me, assuming USPS rates are going to be much less than $35.


Turns out USPS direct shipping is no cheaper and Amazon UK’s price at £55 is about the same as $75 combined direct from Osma. I guess Amazon UK will still be the quickest/least risk route, then.


Worth it for the Laurie Spiegel track!


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