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If anybody was wondering what I look like when I’m WFH, this is it:

Up to and including the lack-of-caffeine-induced fuzziness that inexplicable stops where the screen begins.

What else should I be focusing on?


Why on earth would I want to subject myself to a lifetime of that?

You only have one monitor on your home rig?

Also, I assumed most of us saw the world this way without caffeine. I certainly do:


I could barely handle the dishonesty of being a sales associate. I’d have to transition from being an occasional liar to an outright sociopath to handle SEO.

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That’s such curiously consistent code – like it’s a sort of “lorem ipsum dolor” for testing your syntax highlighting… Also, that looks suspiciously like they took the text editing window from an Eclipse session and cropped everything else out.


I know what you mean, I understand agree clear clarify clarity agreement accord mutual understanding clear as a bell see your point viewpoint alignment same side of the aisle.

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