TruBrain: It May Not Give You 'Wings', But It's Sure to Increase Productivity & Awareness


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Nice, Boing Boing. Will you add homeopathy cures and Dr. Oz videos to your store, too?


What the crap BB? I hope this is someone who has hacked your site, or you’re just trolling.

“Promotes longterm brain health” ?
“Addresses the fundamental components of brain chemistry” ?


I’ve got this empty plastic box with a car aerial bolted to it. It detects all explosives, and cures most cancers. Would you like to market them for me at $175,000 each?


What about marketing the components themselves? We are makers, we can mix our own. The dry powders ship better as there’s no bulk nor weight of water, too. The cost savings could be pretty significant.

…and please ship directly from China, so there’s no crap with US-only logistics.


What is that down there?

It’s… Oh no.

A shark.


It’ll find you a job, it IS a job!


I can only hope that:

a) The site’s been hacked, or
b) There is an intended humour in this that is completely escaping me.

If neither is true…then… WTF BB? My time here is limited.


I got a big box of them from China, want to market mine instead? I am asking $75,000



So, let’s see…

Caffeine and Theanine: somewhat legit, caffeine is a CNS stimulant that we all know about, and theanine has anxiolytic properties which make for a good counter with caffeine’s LETS MAKE WOOD DAVERS effects;

Oxiracetam and Choline: Assuming you are not one of the people who becomes anxiously depressed when taking choline supplements or acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, these have anecdotal nootropic qualities (I absolutely can’t take either of those without bad effects)

Magnesium and tyrosine: you might need more magnesium if you have a crummy diet, and tyrosine is supposed to be a dopamine promoter;

Carnitine: probably not lacking in your diet if you eat meat, but anecdotal evidence for promoting focus;

Uridine and more choline: No idea what uridine’s supposed to do really, see choline statement above;

frou-frou sweeteners: ehh they probably help it taste okay?

I wouldn’t really put this all in the category of homeopathic products. All the above things almost certainly do actual things to your body in various ways. Perhaps a bit more on the snake oil side of things if you don’t believe any anecdotal evidence counts and don’t think there are enough studies.

I give it a C+ or perhaps a B- without having actually tried them.

I give it a D for boingboing marketing, though. This did not have BOING BOING STORE all over the posting, making me think it was just a ‘hey this is a neat thing’ post and not “BUY THIS NEAT THING FROM OUR STACKWHATEVER STORE SO WE DON’T HAVE TO USE INVASIVE FLASH ADS” post.


@frauenfelder This is a pretty bad product to have at the top of the BB homepage. I’m guessing it was out of your control?


So what you’re saying is that I’m 15 minutes too late to post [citation needed] on this shop of shit? :slight_smile:


Favorite Tom Waits song.

"Step right up

Please allow thirty days for delivery, don’t be fooled by cheap imitations

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Shut up. You guys just aren’t smart enough to understand how good TruBrain is because you don’t drink TruBrain.



I only regret that I cannot like this twice.


Does “a better safety profile than salt” mean that you can consume a half cup of it without dying?


Damn yes. Tried to like it twice, ended up unliking it and had to like it again. If only I’d had TruBrain!


It slices
It dices
It julienne fries

No one gets it when I quote that line, but I giggle every time.