Save over 80% on these 10-Ft. braided lightning cable packs

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Seems like a pretty good deal. What’s the catch?

14-day warranty from third party

That’s just weird. 14 days? Third party?

Price is good, but I’ve never heard of a warranty so short. Still better than the usual BBS terms that are “all sales final”. Did these fall off a truck or something? :thinking:

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Anytime an express warranty is created, a few implied warranties are also created under Universal Commercial Code (warranty of merchantability, etc). Most states set the duration for claims around these implied warranties to four years, not 14 days. It’s not what they did is wrong, they can totally set the limit to 14 days for their express warranty (it’s a household item, and isn’t as closely regulated as a car or major appliance)

I don’t think “all sales final” means much since the 1970’s. Doesn’t necessarily release the seller of obligations under a regular sale. Using this product as an example. We’re all expecting to get new, functional, cables that work with Lighting. If they don’t work for their intended use, then the sale isn’t final, and you get a refund if you’re willing to fight for it. Even the 14 day deadline doesn’t matter for that, although small claims court against an out of state web store or import-export company is going to be not the best use of your time.

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There is the crux of it. I’ve heard of the bit about implied most sales having warrant of merchantability but it also seems that most retailers have never heard of such a thing and you would have to take them to court to enforce one, and you could still lose in court. I certainly wouldn’t expect BoingBoingStore to honor an implied warrant of merchantability for their typical “all sales final” merchandise given how sketchy Stack Social seems to be, with their 99% off sales, $4 lighters selling for $75 and “lifetime” deals on cloud backups.


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