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“Insert the current date & time in any format you prefer”.

My company prepends all file names with a curious date format comprised of the 2-digit year, a letter representing the month, and the 2-digit day of the month. For the letter, take the number of the current month and choose that letter of the alphabet. So, for example, July, the 7th month is represented by ‘G’, the 7th letter of the alphabet. A document created on this year’s U.S. Independence Day might be called, for example, 15G04-BillOfRights.docx. This curious format sorts chronologically and eliminates the yy/mm/dd vs yy/dd/mm confusion found when working across continents.

If the app supports this format, I’ll buy it :wink:

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Wow, that’s some serious ‘lets make up a new standard’… I wonder what the inventor of that found wrong with good old ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd eg 2015-07-04) which also sorts chronologically and as an added bonus doesn’t have you wondering which century the date refers to, and can be read by people outside the company…


Okay, this thing is seriously nifty. Hasn’t saved me any time yet, but it is nifty. I’m putting in comments I often make on student papers, and I’m looking forward to the first batch of the semester so I can try it out.

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