Save your guitar with Schaller Strap Locks



First mod to every axe I acquire is to install these.

I’ve got some odd biomechanics that make traditional button straps fall off at the most inopportune times.


Me too. I seem to tear the buttons out of the horns just as frequently as I have a strap pop off. The design is so simple, it makes no sense but these really solve the problem.

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I’ve bought sets of strap locks for my basses and guitars and push them on nearly everyone I know that plays guitar. It’s such a cheap investment to protect your expensive investment.

Once you go straplock you never go… damn I’m drawing a blank, thankfully I don’t write lyrics.


I prefer Dunlop Straplocks as they have a definite click when they connect. I have had the Schallers seem locked but weren’t and the guitar fell off. Never had that problem with the Dunlops I’ve also used them for over 25 years and the earliest Dunlop straplocks are still working perfectly, I have over 45 guitars and basses they all have Dunlop straplocks. Dunlops also have a version that can be recessed so no strap button is visble. GFS is also selling a new type that I have on a couple of guitars they work fine and are $10. But any strap lock is a big plus some guys use the rubber rings like on Grohls beer bottles as a straplock and I’ve seen folks put washers and duct tape on too. I guarantee you will adopt straplocks after you drop your guitar once.

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I have these and I’m not in love with them. They seem to come apart after vigorous use, so much that I carry an adjustable wrench in my case now. Before every show, I tighten them up. I’m seriously considering doing the old-school version where you just put a wood screw through a bottle cap and screw it in.

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I use Grolsch beer gaskets to keep my straps attached, cheap and reliable.

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I love Doug Martsch from Built to Spill, but he uses the duct tape method and at one show his strap broke. Of course, since the ends were still under five layers of duct tape he couldn’t just change the strap, and apparently he didn’t bother bringing a backup guitar, because after a minute or two of the band vamping and Doug trying to figure out what to do, they eventually just finished with him singing and no guitar. Not one of their finer moments.

Moral of the story: use strap locks and bring back ups of everything.

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you do have to keep an eye on the lock nuts on the strap side but I love them. Got em on the ones I reaaalllllly don’t want to drop.

I thought that the hardcore kids used bolt-on harnesses, like Big Black?

Steve Albini. He’s the man.

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I use jb weld and half inch lag bolts on the guitar, and attach them to the suspension piercings in my spine.

(Actually I just sit down, but I do love guitar tech)

In a pinch a couple of rubber Bands tightly circling the pin on the outside of the leather strap (think of it as a compression fitting) works okay.


Or borrow a chair from the venue and play sitting down.

I hate playing electric guitar while sitting since it really interferes with my wah pedal.

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