Saving theoretical physicist Richard Feynman's epic van




Actually they’re already done with the restoration!

It’s parked on the lawn for display about half a mile away from my desk as part of a Tufte display that’ll be here through the end of the month.


Speaking of lost things by Feynman: I’ve sometimes been curious about a particular massage-parlor painting described at considerable length in “Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman!” He wrote that it wound up with a weather forcaster, but I’ve never heard of it otherwise. I wonder if it’s still out there somewhere?


Not sure how this van is epic.


It’s actually a very subtle Art Van, covered with Feynman diagrams for various particles, including one particle, the Z Boson, that hadn’t actually been discovered yet when it was painted on.


“Hey, why do you have Feynman diagrams all over your van?”
“Because I’m Feynman”


Richard did a lot of things that can be answered with that question.

“Hey, why are you doing physics problems in this topless bar?”
“Because I’m Feynman”.

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