Say goodbye to maxed out phone storage: Save up to 22% on an iKlips iOS Flash Drive today

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Hmm…a Boing Boing Store deal that looks like a decent product that is actually discounted from a real world price. :astonished:

Seems as though the main limitations are those of iOS. You have to access the data through the free iOS app, which also serves as a player to stream audio and video media directly from the device. You can also transfer files to and from the iOS device, such as photos and videos. But you can’t play DRMed content from the device.

From the factory FAQ:

[quote]"Can I access iTunes content with the iKlips app?

In accordance with Apple copyright and developer regulations,
content (including music, video and audiobooks) purchased from iTunes
cannot be accessed with iKlips or any other 3rd party app."

Can I share files from my iKlip to other apps?

You can share photos and documents from iKlips to any app which supports sharing. Just open your file in the iKlips app and tap the
share icon in the top right. Select the app you want to share the file
to and that’s it!

So, looks like a decent deal. If you are in the market for one of these, the remaining question is whether the 22% discount is worth the “All Sales Final” terms that go with all Boing Boing Store offers.

Anyone using iOS 8.3 or newer (jailbroken) or any older iOS (jailbroken or not) might want to look at this free solution:

It works fine on my old iPod touch 4 using iOS 6, it’s possible YMMV with later hardware. But it is harmless to both the PC and the Pod in my experience.

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