This app turns your iPhone into an iPod

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That’s not an iPod—this is an iPod:


Better solution would seem to be not supporting a platform that requires users to jump through such hoops just to use the app UI they want.


My friend, you are right and I agree in principle, but that horse is so far out of the barn it died of old age and got sent to the glue factory.




I still have one of those that works! I think I bought it in 2001, used.


This one looks promising.

Never, ever come across apps that allow the use of skins to customise their appearance?
How long, exactly, have you been living under that particular rock?
FWIW, I’ve got that app, the effort required to skin it and give it the same functionality as an iPod Classic is absolutely minimal, and so worth it to get that functionality on my phone - I’m working towards 200+Gb of music, well over 22,000 tracks, having the scroll-wheel makes navigating through so much easier than the Onkyo player I normally use.
Worth every penny! What’s that you say? It’s free? Even better!

Pretending that this is just a generic skinable music player is quite disingenuous.

Oddly enough I can’t find it I the App Store. It’s not just the link above that’s broken either. Even a search doesn’t reveal the app. If it was removed all I can say is “typical Apple”. I like them so little these days.

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Yeah, just had a look, and it doesn’t show up now.
Which is a shame, it does work very well, I’ve had it playing all day.

A tiny bit “jealous”.

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