iMazing lets you easily manage and transfer data between phones, pads and laptops

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iMazing sounds like some sort of hobby involving entering digital labyrinths and trying to find the centre/your way out again. “I’m going iMazing this morning, with a bit of luck I’ll be back by teatime if I manage to find my way out.”
Hopefully this software is not like that, though much software today seems like it was written with this purpose rather than to do whatever simple job it set out to accomplish.

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Absolutely iMazing that you need a third party app to do this trivial shit in a closed environment like the Apple operating systems.


What? Doesn’t Apple have a file manager built in?

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Yes, there’s a built in file manager and you can easily move files around using any number of free services - iCloud Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, etc. which will also sync to your computer.

Where have you been for the last 15 years?

Apples business model is dropping content >>> into your smartphone.

They’re not big on moving content back <<< out of your smartphone. Or moving smartphone to (your or someone else’s) smartphone.

iPhoto will let you move <<< photos back up to your Macbook. Or to the cloud (that you pay for if you use too much).

iTunes will let you move >>> songs from your Macbook, but only by synching. (Oh, you wanted to drop one song into your smartphone [from a new laptop], and the content thats already on your phone doesnt exactly match whats on your laptop? Oh, I’ll just erase everything on your phone and make it all tidy for you! There. Now you have your one song and nothing else.)

They dont want any possibility that your song or movie can be retrieved or transferred from your smartphone once its there. (Hey, you should already have it on the device that you used to legally download it in the first place, right?)

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Where have you been … mostly running Linux and ignoring Apple. I have a Moto E which shows you how much I’m willing to spend on a phone. I can move files back and forth and around as much as I want. Hell for that matter I can it with Microsoft.

I’ve had this program for 9 months or so now and it saved my bacon big time when I moved to iOS12. Apples backups are all or nothing and if I had done a full restore from a backup I still would have had the problem. I was able to wipe the phone and do a selective restore. Saved me hours of re-install manually. It’s also way faster at dumping music to the iPhone. You can have it auto-convert high res files to a lower res during the transfer.

They also seem to constantly upgrade/update the program.All in all a must have program for a family of iPhones.

I’ll mention that I do ALL this stuff staying within Apple’s walled garden. In fact, most files and songs I own are available on every device I have. Even if I were to get something out of the blue on a single device, I can EASILY get it on another through a variety of methods (airdrop usually being the easiest.)

I realize not everyone can or wants to play Apple’s way, but it’s not like you can’t do this WITHOUT iMazing.

tldr: for years now I’ve only done things using Apple’s services and purchasing through Apple’s stores, and all my stuff really does just work and communicate with each other. I know not everyone is willing, or even able to do this.

(Exception for, as noted above by @michaelditullio , selective restores and other types of fixing from backups are a chore if you don’t want to just put the whole thing back the way it was.)

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