Move your data freely across all your devices with this key app

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Doesn’t a USB cable allow you to do the same things?

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On an iPhone, no.
On an Android possibly.

Yea, I got a cheapass Chinese android.

Typically what people see as iOS’s biggest stength I see as the biggest reason I’ll never own one. Apple’s walled garden extends much further than the app store, typically apps can not see data on the system as a whole. Let’s say I want to copy a song from my desktop to my phone.
On android it is literally copy and paste. On iOS, even using a program that could access a shared folder on a network drive, you could copy a song…but the OS isn’t going to let you access it from iTunes. Maybe things have gotten a bit better on 12, I just know the previous 3 iphones the wife has had all worked this way.

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This app is wonderful, been using it for years to back up all of my/my gf’s Apple devices. Has saved us both numerous times. Infinitely better than dealing w iTunes.

That’s not a very high bar to surpass.

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Is this substantially different than something like Dropbox?

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