Scandal-haunted Scott Pruitt's staffers are shopping dirt on Ryan Zinke to create a distraction


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Sounds like the (long) knives are coming out amongst these thugs.


Not sure who to root for here.


Dems in the '18 midterms




Cue the Star Trek “fight music.”



And really this is EXACTLY what we should expect from an administration where sucking up to the Cheeto in chief is the only thing that matters, and policy decisions are hashed out in personal contests between staffers. I mean every administration has some degree of “palace intrigue” but in this case that is essentially ALL THAT WE HAVE. By all accounts that is part of the reason that the White House is so leaktastic. For people within the administration, one of the best ways to forward your policy* is not to create a convincing policy paper, or even brief the president convincingly, but to have your viewpoint talked about in the media, especially on Fox.

  • and make no mistake, even though the President has trouble being consistent with what he said 10 minutes ago, there ARE plenty of people with definite agendas trying to use him to get their way


It’s like when cockroaches eat bed bugs… give the bed bugs some machetes


The EPA is throwing toxic dirt around? Doin it rong guyz.


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