Scariest snake on the planet

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The snake is nearly as creepy as the narrator’s voice…


Part snake, part spider…why hasn’t Syfy done a movie about this yet?


I use my milkshakes in a similar manner…


Just spitballing here, but there could be a lot of them sewn together end to end and they could be sucked up in a tornado.

SpiderViperCentipedeNado 3D
(Direct to VHS this summer, its so bad we skipped DVD)


Ser jorah mormont? Khaleesiii…

K, that’s just not cricket. But I wouldn’t mind a still of a neatly coiled pose with the tail up for my new avatar.

Tell me, please, that this isn’t real.

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Pity Tarantino never heard of this guy. I wonder which DiVAS would be the Split-tailed Horned Viper? Maybe Helena Bonham Carter?

I wanted to smack him every time he said “vipuhhhhhhh”.



(please be fake, please be fake)

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If this species actually exists then it really needs to, y’know, not.

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Good god who thought that narration a good idea?

Wait I mean

Good, gaaaaaaaawuddd, who thaaaaaaaaawwut, that nare, aye-shunnnnnnnnn, a good, eye, deeeeeeyuhhh?

Neat snake though. Freaky twitchin.

In actuality, the scariest snake on the planet is the one that’s right next to you!

Nope (as in, not even gonna look at that beastus horribilis).

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