Scarlett Johansson treats a 12-year-old foster pitbull to a luxurious spa day on its way to a new home

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Thank you for taking this pretty lady out to a spa day. I’m sure Ms. Johansson had a wonderful time. I’m also very, very happy you found a forever loving home. I wish I were rich enough to close all shelters down and provide loving homes to all our friends that live in shelters. Although I realize that shelters are necessary it breaks my heart when they look at people walking by, only to see that they aren’t stopping for them. I send all my love out to all that adopt and support our 4 paw friends


This is so cute! I posted over in the pets and animal pics thread, but our shelter is doing a sweet Valentine’s Day thing promoting taking a dog on a date. It’s so cute. You go pick them up in the morning, take them out for a walk or a drive thru or a Pet Co visit (they give you a list of ideas) then bring them back before closing time. It’s such a treat for everyone.


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