Schadenfreude, 2023 edition, now with much much more in 2024!

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Ron de Schadenfreude be his name!


English Conservative Party eating itself alive it seems and blaming the current leader who is dealing with the shit hand passed on to him by his predecessors.

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A burst of schadenfreude fanfic from Wil Wheaton to celebrate Pat Robertson’s, belated, death:



I don’t read that letter quite the same way as the tweeter. It sounds like he’s trying to evade it with the retirement, but they still need to give permission for it.


There is way too much of this “just go away and we won’t punish you for your crimes” mentality. For rich people it usually means a comfortable retirement and for poor young men it used to mean being forcibly inducted into the military. In a few years the rich guy can deflect any mentions of the crime with “well, I never got punished at all, so I must not have done anything, right?” while the poor guy might well be dead.


Because this was just Bar Association disciplinary proceedings, the worst outcome that he could have faced would have been disbarment, which has the same effect as his resignation if accepted. He might be escaping fines from the Bar Association, but those would be pretty small. (Like everything in America, this depends on the state.)

This does not protect him from civil or criminal actions in any way. It mostly just saves him the embarrassment of hearings.


It looks like the evidentiary hearings following default have been held and all that was left was to wait for a ruling. My guess is he would consider a disbarment to besmirch his Southern sense of honor.

Last I heard of Lin I believe he was fighting imposition of guardianship due to his declining mental state. I guess he has been found competent. If he had a guardian he would not have defaulted.


Every time I see Scott (Scotty from Accounting), I get the bridge from this in my head (sample from Evil Dead). Scooootttttiiiieee!

No money? I guess Donnie won’t be taking your calls anymore.

He can always go back to selling crack.


This story is too good not to share. I guess this thread is as good a place as any.

The kid of a rich family in Winnipeg is busted for illegally manufacturing guns and owning other contraband such as body armour (which is illegal in Canada).

His bail was set high, due to the severity of the crime and his family’s wealth. The family paid it to keep him out of remand, but a condition of bail is a curfew (this is basically house arrest in Canada). The cops check on you twice a day to make sure you’re following the rules. It’s all spelled out in the bail agreement, and it’s standard stuff. 99% of people in this kid’s position would be in jail for the entire trial so he’s already getting special treatment.

The parents freak out to the judge because of (no kidding) “what the neighbours must think” and feel their son is “from a good family” and doesn’t deserve this totally normal and by-the-book legal treatment.

The judge told them to get bent about seven different ways and it’s hilarious. These people are like entitled WASPs straight from central casting. I love the part where they say the kid’s crime of (again) illegally manufacturing firearms and stock-piling body armour isn’t serious because he never threatened anyone. I guess robbing banks is okay too as long as you don’t scare anyone directly. :joy:

Fuck these people.


Damn, the parents are incredibly whiny and ridiculous. “Our human rights are being violated since cops show up to check our son is where he’s supposed to be by the curfew agreement!”


Yah, they honestly sound like parodies of a certain type of person. “Our son is from a good family”? Who actually talks like that? Is this an SCTV sketch?


The mother: “We have always worked to have an upstanding reputation…”

Funny, for most people that’s not work at all.


For those who don’t know Fox: he’s an abusive, lying, misogynistic, racist, far right piece of shit.

And a cryptobro it seems. Thought crypto was “safe”.

That’s a 404. Have a screenshot?

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Laurence Fox?


Sorry I’m in the middle of nowhere (well Meath which is worse) waiting for children at a thing called Farmaphobia where they are hopefully being terrified.

I meant to put up a screenshot as the relevant point is his own tweets. Will try now the network has stopped crapping out.
@nick_warr funny how you got him in one from the description!


That shitbird has been on my radar for a while, I’ll be much happier when he no longer intersects with my reality, I hope due to prison time.


Hell that whole topic is dripping with schadenfreude!

Sweet, savoury, bitter, and sour Schadenfreude!